Supercap DR

Don’t want to hijack this thread but as a sidestep, what is a decent price for a used SCDR? There is now a 2013 one for sale here for € 4000 asking price,about £ 3400. I am interested but looks a bit steep to me.

It seems expensive . New it costs 5700 euros. As it’s from 2013, the good price should be 2800 approximately.
If serviced one year ago, 3500 max.

That sounds high. I have two 2018 Supercap DR (i.e. 5 yrs newer). One I paid about $4500 but it was almost brand new and barely used. Another I paid close to $5k but it included Burndy and HiLine DIN4 cables I needed for my Superline. New they are $7500 in the U.S.

You are the lucky star mate !

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My demo one ex Hong Kong dealer at £3700 with 2 years warranty

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Thx guys. These prices sound more reasonable. I made an offer more in line with the what you guys mentioned. I’ll wait for the response. Again thx, and back to the original subject of the thread. :wink: :grin:

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Godspeed folk

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When the SC is deployed with a Superline how much of it (the SC) is used?

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Supercap will bring more and if you feel the need for upgrade the 252 will not disappoint you. Go for it.

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No doubt others know - the fact that a Burndy is used suggests a significant number…



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Just the right amount Lindsay, i.e. all of it, and unfortunately you will hear the difference too over a Hicap…

Prepare to be severely tempted.

Best regards, BF

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hi, I had a similar system except I had a 250 at that time. The move from Hicap to Supercap is a big step forward. It will also set you up very well for the inevitable move to a 252.

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ScDr 2.5k to 3k for an earlier one.

I’d be thinking about a source with 555 somewhere in the name :slight_smile: before preamp upgrades, considering the way your system is heading. Assuming that’s your next plan?

Next target piece 252
Likely will draw a line !

Enjoy your music mate

chance to grab a set of 2013 (252/supercap non-dr) at £6200 early May however, a bit wishy washy and it gone !

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Do you have Fraim or something else?

Yes I am using Naim fraim

What’s in your mind mate ?

Just that it’s overdue if you weren’t already using it.