SuperCap DR

There’s many posts on the SCDR but I’m wondering today if this is a VFM upgrade on my gear, having a mental block on the price relative to the price of everything else

I found SCDR on my 282 a significant upgrade. Others have differing opinions. If you aim, ultimately, for a 252 (as I did) it certainly makes sense.

Because it is a blank box with no flashing lights I think we sometimes struggle to persuade ourselves a PS upgrade is as worthwhile as an exciting new source etc

In all my systems I have found Scaps to be fantastic upgrade on all the components that utilise them.


Including the 282 which is only partially using the rails?


Don’t measure the benefit of a SCdr by the number of rails going to waste. Measure it by the perceived increase in sound quality relative to other upgrades at the same price.


Yes, after some deliberation (cost, prevailing general views etc.) I tried the SCDR with my SN3 - I expected much … but not nearly as much! These two will never be separated in my ownership and are one unit in 2 boxes as far as I am concerned.

Very significant upgrade to my 282 in my opinion but of course you have to decide for yourself.

I upgraded my 282 from a HCDR to a SCDR and it was a very significant upgrade that I thought quite worthwhile.

I later upgraded 282 to 252, and that I already had a SCDR worked out well.

282/HC has a nice balance but a SC can give you more resolution, particularly in the bass, most people think it worth it. There can be a hint of kraut rock about it but only when you compare with further up the range.

Whereas in my olive system putting a SC in place of 2xHC on my 82 was a modest upgrade, compared when going from 1xHC to 2xHC.

OTOH it did reduce the box count :slight_smile:

Actually it didn’t………coz I then added a Headine & Stageline, powered off the spare HCs :laughing: :laughing:

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I would say you are being reasonable.

you re totally right but I was thinking about other experiences in which from 282/hcdr/250dr they went to 252/scdr/300dr and the 300 was the biggest change and the other 2 really less minor compared to it

I am confused as to whether Naim are still offering DR upgrades.

They were stopped at one time (lack of components?), but has that all been sorted?

Naim have ceased to offer DR upgrades. AFAIK, although some component supply has improved, others are still difficult.

I am inclined to think the same way. What were the main things improved? Did SCDR changed the character of SN3?

For me, a rather overwhelming difference in everything really. A lot more vibrancy, energy, body and better soundstage, texture and realism … to mention a few:)


Richard, is that likely to change at all in the foreseeable future?

No idea Graham. A question best posed to Naim.

Thanks, Richard, I shall ask.

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