Supercap on superline or snaxo?

I have a 52/supercap, snaxo 2/4 on a supercap and how have a superline. I can run my superline from the 52 or a have a spare hicap, that once powered the snaxo. Now would i be better putting the supercap on the superline and the snaxo back on the hicap?
Yes i can try all the different ways but that means pulling my rack about all the time and would rather do it once and then enjoy the music, but my thoughts are supercap on superline.
I guess i will end up with a 3rd supercap at some point unless i change my sbl’s and go with new speakers that are not active, if i did that i would like to still make use of my 250’s.
Anyway any advise would be great

Dunc, consensus seems to be that the SNAXO gets the biggest bump from adding a Supercap, but of course, if vinyl is your main source, it’s tempting to put it on the Superline straight away, and that fits nicely with the whole principle of source first hierarchy. However, I think it would be a good exercise to try the different configurations for yourself. That way, you will know through experience.

Cheers Richard, its a tight call i guess and was hoping someone would have tried it.
I dont mind trying it myself but as i said it means messing with my rack every time and its not a simple 2 minute swap the cables over

This has been tried and tested in the old place and the results were convincingly for the Superline as source first logic would suggest
If you have more than one source then that changes everything


Well i have a NDS as well and at the moment that i guess is my main source, but i am getting back into vinyl now i have a better TT, as before the NDS blew my old TT away and so i tended not to use it.
But have a rega P8 now with apheta 2 cartridge and it has lifted it massively, i have the superline being powered from the 52 at the moment as i dont have a spare 4 pin, but will soon get it on the hicap to see what that does for it

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