Supercap to DR?

Supercap and 252. Is there any benefit to service and DR the supercap on its own?

Hi Bruss,
If the Supercap is more than about 7-8 years old, then from our experience a service is well worthwhile. For a 252 pre-amp, having DR upgrade at the same time is also a good idea.

There are 2 alternative ways of achieving the same end goal though. First, sell your SC as is and buy a used SC-DR in good condition. This may well cost less than the service & upgrade for your SC. Second, trade in your SC for a new SC-DR.

Hope this helps, BF

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I still use my SC non DR with my 252, lovely’s combo

Will look at getting the DR on the SC In early 2021

Yes, I’m liking the sound of the previously owned gear I recently installed. Non DR sc/252 in to a 250-2. I’m going to have them all serviced at some time but was thinking order of doing them and whther it was worth DR. I don’t want to change the sound to a DR openess and lose the warmth. I did see a comment somewhere though that the supercap being DR did open things up a bit without losing the warmth. It got me thinking about a sc DR but keeping the 252 and 250 non DR.

DR upgrade did improve my 252/SC combo, although the SC was due a service too. My experience of DR vs non-DR power supplies is certainly not losing any warmth but adding a bit of heft and also slightly calming down the top end, with more detail but also more control. It sounds a bit ‘quieter’ too if that makes any sense.

For me just better, with no caveats, and a similar effect on all three that I changed (555, and SC’s on my 252 and SNAXO) incidentally.


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The 252 itself is neither non DR not DR. Only the Supercap gets upgraded.

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