Supercap to Supercap interconnect upgrade

Does anyone have any experience of upgrading the signal interconnect between Supercaps? My system is 252/SCDR → SCDR/Snaxo362. Recently I replaced a cheap 4-5 pin between my Nat01 and 252 with a Hiline to good effect which has got me thinking about some of the less obvious connections. I have Witch Hat Morgana XLRs which I really liked when they went in, so that’s an option. Is there a Hiline variant for 4 pin din?

The SC-SC interconnect is a SNAIC4……even though it does not actually carry secondary power. Therefore discussion of third party SNAIC-type interconnects is not allowed. Been there, been slapped! :joy:

Now the WH DIN4-XLR do make a substantial difference (I have two - SNAXO2-4 to 250s).


Oh well :roll_eyes:

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There is a Superlumina 4pin to 4pin DIN for active systems in the Naim price list. I think there was a HiLine version as well but I may be mistaken and it isn’t listed in the latest price list.


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