Supercap vs Hicap

Off to my local dealer tomorrow to audition a Supercap to pair with my 282, which I currently run with a Hicap. This is with a view to hopefully replacing the 282 with a 252 in a couple of years time when finances allow.
Apparently all the higher end Naim kit is going up in price on 1st September, so hoping to beat the price hike!
Be interested to know the thoughts of anyone who has upgraded their 282 p/s to a Supercap.

Some of us have tried 282/Supercap and preferred to stick with a Hicap. Others think a Supercap is much better. To me it seemed better on first acquaintance but only after extended listening did I come round to the decision that it wasn’t for me. You may find otherwise, but all I would say is take your time and enjoy making the decision at your leisure.


Yes, it goes up by £300 next week. It’s worth typing ‘Hicap vs Supercap with 282’ or similar into the search and you’ll find loads to read. Many years ago I swapped from Hicap to Supercap on an 82 and was very pleased with the improvement. It’s best to keep an open mind and not go into the dem with preconceived ideas. You may feel it’s not worth the money.


Made the change about 4 years ago. Bigger soundstage, better resolution, better bass definition, all round greater musical experience.


I’d be inclined to save up and make the 252/SCDR change in one hit. I did what you are proposing and without doubt the SCDR is better - but really it is wasted until you can make full use of all the dedicated supplies. I only did it at time as I got a great deal on an ex demo model and a very good trade in on my pair of HC’s - and I was actively looking for a s/h 252 which I found about 6 months later.


The only counter to that is that if one were to get the SC now, one would be in a good position to jump on a 252 deal if and when it appeared. It also smooths the cost; it’s very expensive to go from 282/HC to 252/SC in one go.


Unless, of course, you find a good deal on a 252/Supercap from someone who wants to sell them together, as they might if they were moving to a 552.


Yes - I added one to a 102/180 in preparation for moving to a 52. I think I went to a 250 befor the 52 but having the supercap first spread out the cost and made the 52 feasible


Indeed. There are many ways to skin the proverbial cat. It probably really doesn’t matter when it’s just a step on the road.


I bought an SC for my 102. Made little, if any, difference to SQ. But it was bought with an eye to upgraditis (yes, lusting over a 52) and anyway, I needed the existing HC for a Headline.

When I got my 82, I did run it over a couple of weeks with all combinations of PSU: 1xHC, 2xHC, and SC. I felt that the change from 1xHC to 2xHC was significant and worthwhile - more secondary supplies, yadda, yadda, yadda - but from 2xHC to SC less so. Currently, I run my 82 from one of my SC, coz the HCs are pressed into service on my Headline & Stageline.

I still lust over the 52!


I upgraded my olive 82/HC to 82/SC with impressive results, then later upgraded 82 to 52 which was also very beneficial.

I recall I needed an extra SNAIC for 82/SC, the cost of which may negate much of the saving of beating the price hike.


Yes, that would be the additional two secondary rails over a single HC. It does seem to work!

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Thank you to everyone who replied to my post yesterday. The difference with the SC powering the 282 compared to the HC was immediately noticeable even as the needle dropped into the groove with a satisfying thunk! so it’s ordered at the current price and then I’m in a good position to upgrade to the 252 in a couple of years which is where I will stop!


Get a 52! You know that having bought the SC means you will get a 52 sooner or later.

82 + Hicap to 82 + 2 Hicaps - definite uplift for not much money.

82 + 2 Hicaps to 82 + (olive but serviced) SC - another uplift, more of the same.

82 + SC to 52 + SC - a bigger uplift and a change in presentation - the 52 made the 82 sound dull on some tracks and splashy on others.

And of course a 52 is a great place to plug in a Superline, unless you want to get a second SC…

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Yes, I know you are right…sigh :grin:

But it’s either a 52, or a Canon 5D IV!

I’m not sure I could get away with one of them, let alone both!!

(And a Superlink would need my THIRD Supercap - there’s one on the SNAXO, as well as the 82….and I still need a second XPS for the CDX. Etc etc….

There goes the pension…….


I am currently running Supercap plus 282, having previously used HiCap DR on the 282 for the last 5 years. Awaiting a used 252 which has been delayed for reasons outside my control, so the SC/282 combination has been with me for longer than anticipated.

I would say that the SC is a nice upgrade and a definite step up in performance. Better dynamics, improved imaging, cleaner bottom end etc…, so I differ from those who say it’s “too much”, or whatever it is they dislike. It’s a clear step up, IMHO, and I’m enjoying it immensely.

The 252 should arrive in about 3 weeks, and I can’t wait to hook it up.



Please report back once you have it.


The Supercap though I only ever had one on an 82 and a 282 supercharged that Naim sound and I mean supercharged wether that is to your taste is up to you.

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I’ve had a 282 for a few years, powered on/off by 1 or 2 old serviced olive HICAPs.

Currently using a Supercap DR to the 282, similar to you I planned as a stepping stone to 252.

I am not entirely convinced that it’s made a huge positive difference if I’m honest.

The 282 as you know cannot use all the power rails that the Supercap DR uses to power the 252 via a Burndy.

There are many threads on this and many opinions.

Generally sound quality:

Supercap DR > 2 HICAP > 1 HICAP, but it’s a law of diminishing returns.

I think it’s likely to be highly system dependent - try it out at the dealership, try to get a home demo if you can.


Also look at the timeframe - if you intend to get a 252 in 6-12 months you’ll make a bit of a saving on the Supercap DR. If it’s an aspiration only for maybe 5 years time you won’t be getting the full potential for quite a while.