Superfi to close

And now Superfi goes,

What a shame - I’ve had a few good bargains from them over the years. I also found their after sales service to be first class. Sign of the times, I’m as much to blame as anyone, with my increasing propensity to shop on line. Having said that, 50% of my Superfi purchases were made on line - perhaps they’ll find a way to resurrect as a Marketplace retailer?

Shame. They - and specifically the Camden shop - are why I’m where I am with Naim. My original Nait 5i & CD5s lived under the tv, then I fancied a proper rack so bought one from there. It seemed like overkill to sit bottom of the range gear on it, so for that + a bout of Upgraditis the quest began.

Shame though, nice shop, lovely people who ran it.

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On an unrelated note, the WHF website is atrocious! Its 80% advertising, animations, auto-play-videos which follow you when you scroll. YUCK!


Manchester shop was shocking. Not sure how it lasted as long as it did.

Lincoln was always a good shop, even though I had no intention of buying I went in a couple of times and always had an enjoyable chat with the staff.

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