Superline alternative

Hi all, I’m interested if anyone has auditioned/ purchased any alternative phone stages to Superline recently and would appreciate your feedback. (See my profile for current system profile.)

ATB Graham.

This would interest me also. I think the Rega Aura looks interesting and is probably where I will land vs Superline/Supercap as its cheaper and only one box.


For much less money, I’ve just bought a Primare R35 to partner my P8/Apheta 3 and I’m really impressed in all respects. It’s also surprisingly big/heavy (full width and 9.5kg) which I find oddly comforting. You can arrange a 45-day trial directly through Primare, which is pretty impressive for a company based in Sweden.

If I had a Linn I’d be looking seriously at the Urika, if only because it fits inside the plinth and can be powered by the Radikal. I’d also be looking at Rega, because they are a good company and make stuff at sensible prices.


That’s an interesting choice. The Aria 3 is normally the go-to option for the Apheta 3.

The Rega Aura sounded incredible when i heard it - just could not justify the cost so have the Aria - but in setup above i’d go down the Linn route.

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I agree, but a lack of local Rega dealers meant that I couldn’t get a meaningful trial (my local dealer in Exeter was brusque to the point of rudeness when I approached them), so I trialled those that I could and really liked the Primare. Happily listening to my (original, 25+ year-old MOFI DSotM) and the clarity and depth to the soundstage is fabulous.


Sad to hear that. I suspect they don’t need the profit on a £4k sale. Nice place to be. I know of several dealers (not in the HiFi world) with similar approaches. They all went bust eventually. When the going is good its fine, when its tougher…


Having been down this road and tried quite a few phono stages like,
Naim ones including the superline being powered by all the options, rega aura, tron seven gt, rcm theriaa, emt128 (new one).

What i can say is there is not one phono stage that will work with all cartridges and depending on the cartridge you run, the type of music you listen to plus the type of sound you are looking for.
But rega cartridges then for sure the rega aura will be hard to beat.
Dynavector, then the superline works well or the tron seven gt trumps it.
After that you are getting into very high end stuff, but the superline in top condition running from a supercap dr and with all the extra trimming is certainly still one off the best solid state amplifiers.
The tron seven gt being valved, has a slightly different sound and paired with my dynavector drt 1t was stunning running through my system but with my new turntable and cartridge it’s not as good, thats why i have a new superline and waiting for a new supercap dr


Rega Aura doing it for me.
My phono stage journey over the last 20 years or so:

Dynavector P75 → Linn Linto → Cyrus Phono Signature and PSXR2 power supply → Rega Aura.

Each stage was a great step up. Aura is well matched to my Ekstatik. Highly recommended.


I had the Aria and switched to SuperLine (powered by 252) and I would never go back. (With Apheta-3)



I upgraded from a S/line with the cryo plugs & S/Cap Dr
I moved to the Tom Evans Mastergroove SR it’s a completely different level to the S/line and so it should be at a price point similar to the 500 series amps
If we follow the tried and tested source first principle our focus should be on the phono before the pre amp, my view is the S/line is adequate for the 252/52 and below above this I think an alternative phonostage will show the amps at a much higher performance level
For the record I have an LP12 beyond Klimax level, a 552DR Plus, feeding some 500’s


Simaudio Moon 310 LP. Detailed, natural, needs a bit of running in. No longer needs a separate power supply. Excellent value for money. Even has a blue light to match the Radikal (albeit not quite so blinding)!


I’m finding myself impressed with the Solstice Phono stage… but obviously that’s not an option (currently).

Thanks everyone for all your replies…much food for thought.

A friend of mine has just landed a Whest PS40, I haven’t heard but apparently it’s a very accomplished performer.

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I purchased a van den hul grail. Sounds fantastic. Many choices to make but I have found the phono stage to be important in the hierarchy. Probably as important as pre power. Good luck

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I think that tron convergence has to be in the shortlist….however the sl is a top notch phono amp why change

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The Lejonklou Entity is a fantastic stage and much better than the Urika1. Plus, it was designed around an LP12 and Linn cartridges.


I’ve heard a few Naim dealers recommend Vertere’s over the Superline, which surprised me at half the price.