Superline Best Use?


Have a HiCapDR connected to my SN3 and I am really happy.

Just wanted to know if I were to get a Superline where would it be best fed from, the SN3 or the HiCapDR?
I have a ND 5XS fed from a XP5 XS and I tend to listen to vinyl and digital sources in equal measure, I just want to get the best out of the vinyl that I can with what I have got and by not adding anymore than the Superline and necessary cables.

Thank you.
Kind Regards.

Hi Roger,

Are you aware the Superline is for moving coil cartridges only?

Were it me, I’d demo against your Quad beforehand.

As I read the SN3 manual (para 6), the feed for the Superline would come from the SN3 when this is linked to the Hi-Cap. So, you can try the Superline/Hi-Cap as a dedicated feed but you would lose something from the SN3. Obviously, you can experiment with this and let your own ears decide as to which you prefer.

My money is on the Superline being fed from the Hi-Cap’ed SN3 as being a tad better.

Hi HappyListener.
Yes I appreciate the Superline is MC and I would have to change my existing cartridge.
I am in the mood for a change and when doing so do not like to “spoil the ship for a ha’porth of tar”
At the moment the thoughts are at the " feasibility stage", I am just trying to get my mind round all the Naim PSU options.
I understand that the Superline would be quieter than my Quad, hence more " music out".
Thank you for your input.
Kind Regards.

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