Superline Burndy

I know Burndy talk really isn’t allowed, however my question is related more to a current Burndy I have going to a new SNAXO naim Burndy. The one I have is a 17 pin Burndy from the Supercap DR into the Superline but is grey. It isn’t labeled with Naim or SNAXO on it. It was given to me when I picked up the Superline a couple years back. I’ve been working on upgrading a bit and didn’t know if a newer “black” SNAXO Burndy is something I should pick up.


Talk about genuine Naim burndys is fine, I think. Modification and third-party ones are off limits

Ok, thank you. Anyone know if that grey Burndy I have should be replaced with a new one or just let it be? Thanks!

One for @Richard.Dane

Definitely replace with a black one which is markedly better.

Thanks @Richard.Dane ! I suspected as much.

You’ll need 17 pin burndeys for powering either a snaxo or a Superline (or both as I do) from a supercap for each, but in opposite orientations. You definitely should use the black burndeys. No comments on alternate manufactures. :wink:

Dumb question, maybe, but are all Burndys the same?

No, there are like 10 different ones. They have different number of wires, different pin-outs, different construction

10 really that many ?
555 2
552. 1
500 1
300. 1
Sx/Sl 1
252. 1
What did I miss ?

Those are from another company that can’t be named, so I think you missed S-XPS and NAC52

Ok, I thought 52 and 252 would be the same…

Anyways I wasn’t quite sure about the exact number, so I wrote “like 10”. You had 8, close enough :slight_smile:

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Wow!!! Well, I guess I could understand maybe one Burndy for olive series and one for Classic series - would be a heck of a lot cheaper (for NAIM and us punters) and less confusing than 10 (and more to follow)?

They are externalized connections of what is inside the box for most other brands. You wouldn’t expect that all sources, pres, and power amps share only one internal wiring/feeding scheme either.
Maybe the herd could be made smaller, but usually one probably has the burndys for the kit one has, and if some are left over they can be labeled, so confusion is probably not the biggest problem.

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