Superline - connecting load plugs/cables without transport screws

Installed my Superline a few days ago and inserted both phono cables and loading plugs before removing the transport screws.

I have read that it is fine to replace loading plugs without powering down so assume that owners aren’t inserting the transport screws each time either. With that in mind, is it safe to remove and reinsert the phono cables and/or loading plugs without replacing the transport screws?

I asked the same question when I first got my SL.
If I recall correctly, the answer was not to worry about it overmuch. The loading plugs are pretty easy but I agree, the phono can and I think are meant to be a tight fit. It was recommended to change to BNC (I think that’s what they’re called) as they’re easier to fit, and convey slightly better SQ (if memory serves).

I do when re-building (i.e. insert without the transit screws in place) and have never had an issue. There appears to be a lot of play in the suspension and also a ‘stop’ of some sorts, as my plus fit very snugly and require quite a bit of force to get them on (in relative terms).

With the Linn T-Kable (as I think it’s called?), soldering BNC plugs is nearly impossible and most dealers shy away from this.

No need to put the transit screws in each time you change plugs or remove / insert the phono cables or to power down.

There is play in the rear plate but just be careful when you do it.

Thanks everyone, this is good to know.

Currently running a 453R Airplug-Z with a Dynavector cart but have a few other loading options to try.
Also need to unplug my TT and take it in for a service soon.

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