Superline connectivity - phono v. BNC

Having just acquired a Superline I had the greatest of difficulty getting the phonos on my Rega RP10 even halfway into the sockets. I gave up the struggle as I was afraid of damaging the floating subchassis.

For now I’ve connected it using a couple of goldplated BNC/phono adapters I had lying around. I looked at a (now closed) thread on this subject which suggested, if I read it correctly, that this would not have a detrimental effect on sound quality. Several questions arise:

  1. Can I leave the transit screws in to fix the sub-chassis while pushing the phonos on with sugfficient force?
  2. Is it possible to damage the Superline by pushing too hard?
  3. Should I give up and stick with the BNCs?
    4 If I do that how critical is the quality of the adapter (“50 ohm nickel plated” was a recommendation attributed to Phil Harris in the prevoous thred).

All input gratefully received.

I take it the rega phono plugs are like the ones on my P10 that you have to un screw to push them on and off, and once on tighten them up

As Dunc explains above, you need to fully slacken off the locking collar on the RCA Phonos. Then ease them onto the WBT Next Gen sockets. They should then go on relatively easily. Once fully on, tighten up the collars as tight as you can by hand - this is essential for best contact and best sound.

Avoid adaptors - they’re probably fine for fault tracing, but ultimately they are worse than either sticking with what you have or replacing the RCA Phono plugs with 50 ohm BNC plugs.

FWIW, I have an RP10 and a Superline and I chose to stick with the supplied RCA Phono plugs.

I sympathize with the OP; my first Rega was my first introduction to this style RCA connector and I too at first could not figure out why they were an unreasonably bad fit onto their counterparts.

I too am sticking with the supplied connection; RCA into Superline.

Thanks to all. On re-reading the RP10 manual it refers P6 to the plugs “locking to the terminal” but in the actual installation section (P 9) it doesn’t refer to the locking element again. So despite following the instructions step by step, I missed this. On my previous phono stage they just slid on with a bit of pressure; which of course is difficult to apply on a Superline. Now all fitted.

I had the same problem with the Rega Couple 2 interconnects between my Fono MC and 272. You are not alone!! Once tightened they grip like a limpet.

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