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I was just reading the following "


Sep '21

I can look only at the specifications, so would defer to more experienced opinions.

On specifications alone I’d imagine a Superline E would be ok.

EMT quotes:

Output voltage: 1.05mV @ 5cm/s

Superline E is rated just a tiny bit under that:

SuperLine E: 200μV - 1mV


Sep '21

The E, when it was applied to the stageline stood for EMT, it’s a pity if that link has been broken with the superline E, especially as I’d like to try an EMT some day. It’s only the need to change phonostages that has stopped already doing it.


Sep '21

No, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, the “E” here is different to the Stageline E, which is suitable for the EMT carts. The E on the Superline is just to differentiate it from the standard version. The difference in gain between them is comparatively small, the E version just allowing the use of low output MCs up to 0.65mV."
as I am considering upgrading my current Whest phono to a Superline E with a Supercap or HiCap, both DR, or to the new Whest 60S or 60Se Pro.

I note with interest the comment that that the specification for the E says it can be used with cartridges of 1mV output but @Richard.Dane makes the comment that an input of more than 0.65mV would be pushing the headroom. It makes one wonder why the manufacture would put in the spec 1mV but in use it is suggested that this level of input would compromise the headroom?
I have Grado cartridge which has an output of 1mV and a resistance loading of anywhere between 10K ohms and 47K ohms.
So if the 1mV output of my cartridge is going to compromise the performance of the Superline E than it would not be worth spending, with trade in, between £4K and £6.2K, depending on PSU chosen, on the Superline E. That is, assuming, with my ignorance on the working of cartridges and phono stages, my understanding is correct.
Is my understanding correct and I should avoid the Superline E?
Thank you

Roger, 1mV is likely possible but you’d be right at the limit. I’ve not tried a 1mV output MC with my own Superline E though, so would defer to Naim here.

@NeilS Hopefully I have. the correct Neil.
What is the manufacturers thought(s) on this matter?
Thank you.
Kind Regards.

Probably best to ask Steve ( @110dB ) although he’s likely quite busy fielding questions on the new kit that launched today.

Yes, I got a plethora of emails today from Naim HQ informing me of their latest wares

The lower gain SuperLine E (6dB lower gain or half the gain of the standard SuperLine) is fine with 1mV cartridges. It has 20dB headroom with a 1mV input (20dB = 10x), therefore it will not clip until the input is 10mV.


The EMT web says they will make half and quarter coil versions of their pickup heads with either EMT or SME headshell connector patterns and lengths. There’s no mention that these lower output options are available for the 1/2” mount cartridges but you could ask.

Hi @Yeti

Please excuse me if I am missing the blindingly obvious, but I do not understand your post and the connection with 1mV input into a Superline E.
Would you be so kind as to elaborate for me please?
Thank you.
Kind Regards.

I wouldn’t worry about it.

You’ve had a fantastic response from @110dB that says, with a Superline E, you’ll be fine with a 1.05mV output.

This is an EMT pickup head, which they term a Tondose.

EMT say

“ The new TONDOSE features the well-established EMT generator, integrated into a monobloc structure, milled from a solid block of magnesium.

Besides the standard EMT tonearm-connection, we offer the option INT (Ortofon A compatible) and option X (for SME standard). Furthermore, we manufacture 1/2 and 1/4 coil for lower impedance versions on request.”

A 1/2 coil will have half the output of the standard EMT cartridge, a 1/4 coil a quarter of it. The 1/2 would suit a superline E, the 1/4 a standard superline

What they term SME standard is not I believe what the V uses but rather what the 3009 had for fixing the headshell in place.

1/2” mount refers to the normal cartridge mounting, the screws are 1/2” apart. If you’re not keen on 1.05mV you could try asking if EMT will make a lower output version for you as they make them for the Tondose anyway.

The EMT cartirdges have a smoewhat higher internal impedence than many other carts that have tiny inpdences but tiny output v. The two Naim Stagelines for mc carts have different input loads as well, and it seems like the S version mighrt be a more ideal load for the EMT (I have an EMT HSD-006) but do not have any stageline variant.

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