Superline Experiences

I have an RP10 Aphelion playing through a Superline Supercap non-DR, HighLine DIN-DIN into 552-DR. I upgraded recently from the Aria, to satisfying effect.

This week, I heard a demo of a new Planar 8 Apheta2 through the new Rega Aura, swapping Shawline for Music between the Aura and the Naim pre, with interesting results: while the Shawline were very pleasing, the Music undeniably “woke up” the presentation, and expanded the soundstage. Speakers were Proac D30RS. I do not recall the amp details.

Anyway, it got me wondering what others are thinking and experiencing in this space. Given where I am, what would anybody suggest I try next in my system? Super Lumina near the top of the list, I should imagine.

Thank you.


how can you compare your ndx/ ndac/ 555 vs cd555? you are not tempted by the nd555?

ND555 does not tempt me without FM on board. This is an extremely convenient capability of the NDX-FM, and hard to equal by other means, though they may sound better. With a good antenna, the FM on my NDX exceeds my expectations and its reputation.

But, I am interested in discussing tweaks to my turntable source here.


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the discussion will certainly be superlumina vs chord music or sarum t.
Thanks for the answer and good luck for your next tweak. Personally i found chord cables more natural.


Perhaps you should be looking at moving upwards from the Superline
The phonostage is the first and most important stage of the amplification so the phono needs to be at the same level or above



if the move will be chord music, perhaps a better choice would be vertere mg1 turntable with a standard cable for beginning vs rp10/ chord music. ( same price for both combo).

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Lyndon is on the right track here… The SL/SC is very good but can be bettered . Might require a cartridge swap as well. Also, the IC from phono pre to your 552 is the most important cable in your set up when it comes to vinyl as a source- perhaps look here first.

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some better phono probably : einstein the turntable choice, pass labs xp30, tom evans mastergroove, …

Thanks, Mark and frenchrooster. For the time being, I am fairly committed to/satisfied with the RP10 with Aphelion. I am mostly considering a cable swap, and/or a move from the SL/SC to e.g Rega Aura, or other suggestions along these lines. But all input is appreciated.


I think your set up is just waiting for the Planar 10 (when it arrives) paired with your Aphelion and hooked up to the Aura. That should be one hell of a vinyl set up!

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Thanks, RackKit. I have had the RP10 for less than a year; before that I had a Planar3 / Exact/ Fono for 15 years — not exactly a compulsive horse-trader, here (despite what my wife thinks).


Have not heard the Aura but it is getting a lot of positive noise…
Aura with a Music RCA/DIN IC would probably be a nice change and save you a shelf…Doesn’t hurt to try it if your dealer is reasonable :sunglasses:

Nick my dealer who sells both Naim and Rega was not high on the Superline for me. I’ve not heard it, but he guided me to stick with the Rega phono stage (Aria) for my RP8/Apheta2. It’s certainly more convenient, being one small box instead of 2 Naim boxes. Can you listen to the Aura in your system? I’d think your dealer could get you a loaner. And I’d love to hear your report if you do.

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It seems my dealer IS agreeable . . .

As he sold me the pre-owned SL/SC a few months ago, as I was very keen, and liked them, I suspect he will be careful what he says about the comparison. :grin:

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Be careful here, a few people I know in the industry whose opinions I hold in high regard view the Superline as very hard to beat at any price. A change is not always an improvement…

FR, FWIW, the Mastergroove I did not enjoy so much when I listen to it in the context of a full Naim system; Excellent resolution, but way too cerebral and, ironically, no sense of “groove”. It reminded me of my ill fated time with an ISO HR, which, being very happy with my early ISO up to that point, I foolishly took on trust without a proper demo. But I guess many others are happy with it, so it probably boils down to taste and context.

Did you start with the lavender from the supercap or jump straight in with the hiline? I never tried one there, probably out of habit as I’d run my superline from the pre for 8 years before freeing up a supercap, there was a consensus that the basic cable was a better option for this use so I never got round to trying any other cable. I got the impression there wasn’t a superlumina 4 to 5 DIN but then I wasn’t convinced by the 5-5 when I tried one from my CDX2 to 282 shortly after they came out, once I discovered the speaker cable wouldn’t fit my speakers because they’re too near the wall I decided I wouldn’t bother with trying a full loom unless my NBLs died.

Are you fully Fraimed?

How is the superline setup, I have mine directly below the 252 and the supercap on the lowest shelf of the brawn stack, this works best in my setup and I’ve tried a few options. Where would you put an AC powered phono stage to not upset the 552?

You list a NAT05xs yet you cling to the fm module?

I am a big fan of the Superline and would advise trying it with as much space around it as possible before thinking of any change.

For example place it on a top shelf with a spare shelf below or a big gap beneath it. Also ensure cable dressing is optimised with the 4-5 pin Din interconnect hanging freely.

You may be gob-smacked by the improvement, I was in my system.

All the best,


Hi Nick,
The Superline/Supercap non-DR is a superb phono stage. However, if there is one Naim low voltage component (i.e. not the 500DR!) that likes being DRed more than any other that I’ve heard, it is the Superline. This seems obvious with hindsight but wasn’t when I tried it. The Superline is dealing with the lowest of low voltages so is the most sensitive to noise, which it then amplifies by about 2000 times.

So, as an alternative to a very expensive interconnect cable, I would ask if your dealer could loan you a Supercap DR. The loan costs nothing and I suspect will bring more to the party than a cable swap.

Best regards, BF


I agree, I found the original Mastergroove to do things differently to the Superline/SCDR, it was definitely more detailed and perhaps more musical but lost out on PRAT
the Mastergroove SR is a very different beast, it improves on the original Mastergroove massively and everything I was missing from the Superline was now back in bucket loads


Hi @NickSeattle, Like you I have an RP10/Aphelion and also SL IC. I tried the Aura in November last year. It had a massive soundstage compared with the Aria. I also wanted to understand what the 552/500 would do. Well I part exchanged 252/300 DR for preloved serviced in late 2016 unDRed 552/500. Got a great soundstage now, and somewhat fallen in love with streaming via my nDAC. Very happy now. The vinyl received a big uplift as well, but I don’t listen as much now. Got a few things to try like getting a better power cord for the Aria, having parted with the one I used which was needed by the 500. That power cord brought inky blackness to the Aria.