SuperLine for Apheta 2 -- which one?

There is a used SuperLine for sale, and if it’s still available it seems cheap and thus worth playing with vs. my Aria.

Which SuperLine is appropriate for the Apheta 2? This one is the MC, not E. 64 dB gain he says.

He also says he has a Z-Plug; no idea if I need that at all.

I’ll power it off the 552.

0.35mV should be fine with it but it will take lower. The Z plug is for loading, @Richard.Dane can tell you the value you need.

Careful…slippery slope :grinning:
The SL will enamor you and then you will be inevitably thinking just how good it may sound with a Burndy connection to a SC2? Which will lead you to purchasing another level of Fraim to properly site the said power supply. In the end, you will have a very good phono stage and an additional shelf at a not so insignificant price :thinking:
The new Rega uber phono looks quite nice…
Best of luck and have a Merry Christmas!

You will need the 100R, you will get that with the standard plugs that come with the superline.
Its the closest you will get, as apparently the naim 100R isn’t actually 100R? But thats what i used when i had the same set up.
Once you get the superline you really need a supercap to power it, and thats when things get expensive.

What Dunc said…

What would you expect – the SuperLine powered by my 552, vs. the Aria?

(And this is the right SL – 64dB?)

You have the right SL for a cartridge with 0.35mV output- no problem there.
Naturally, the Aria has a synergy with the Apheta2 and will do well. However, the SL is the better phonostage. How much better powered off of a 552 - I don’t know, never did that demo. I was an early adopter of the SL and took it from HC to SC power supplies. The SC/Burndy is def the way to go to hear the magic and that’s why I called it a slippery slope :flushed:
Imo, there are a lot of really good phono stages in the market nowadays for less $$ than a SL/SC and come in a single box. The Aura has been described as such and would have the greatest synergy with the Apheta2. I have not heard the Aura but would listen if I was in the market for a new phono stage…
But, if you need to scratch an itch and the SL is cheap, then why not? Not sure how well you resist temptation Bart…I have a hard time with it :smile:

Thanks Mark! Def. not interested in buying a SC…and figure I can probably re-sell and not lose money. At that money I’d just get an Aura, which if my local dealer has one he’d let me borrow. I realize I’ve not asked. (But he doesn’t sell much Rega.)

Some things I’ve read say that SL powered off a 552 beats the HC; who knows.

From Rega’s site it looks like my Apheta 2 wants 100 ohms and 1000pF (1 nF) and that is a combo that the SL can do.

The Aria definitely is a natural partner for the Apheta 2. Rega know what they’re doing :slight_smile:

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Hi Bart,

Not that I’ve done the comparison myself, but the SL powered from the dedicated rails on your 552PS seems to get good reviews on here. And space-wise it’s a push, so why not experiment and report back? (Inquiring minds want to know, naturally.)

Happy holidays,

Superline is a fantastic photo stage. Think it would make more sense to move beyond the RP8/Apheta2 before adding one.

The Superline powered from the NAC552 is excellent. Only a Supercap brings improvement. Different league to an Aria, good though that stage is.

You want the 100R. An air plug version better yet.

The drawback with the Rega phonos is the internal ps, not an issue in a Rega system but in a high end Naim system which stack do you put it in? You don’t want it near the 552 but nor does it belong with the big Naim ps. The superline gets round this and you already have the second best way of powering it. Oh and a Z plug is an airplug with a couple of Z foil resistors in it.

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As I recently discovered with my own Airplug from the factory, they are now fitted with Z foils.

As Richard says, a Superline powered from a 552 is close to perfection. The addition of a Supercap achieves perfection but at a price that I’m unable to quite reconcile. There’s even a further lift if you can get a 100R Z foil cryogenically treated. The Superline is a lovely piece of kit and would be worthy of a 500 badge by today’s standards.

I would like to think that a superline, supercap, foil and highline sounds much better than the aira, as that is the set up i used on rega P8 / apheta 2. But there is something about the synergy of a rega turntables / cartridge and their own phono stages, that just work so well.
I feel that unless you go fully in with the superline, the uplift in performance might not be there against what you have already, but then to get the full set up costs a lot and is definitely not worth doing these days as there is quite a few other options that beat it and cost much less.
I now use the aura and must say it’s a big difference over what i had and designed to work along side the rega’s and 100% is the way i would recommend anyone that has a top flight rega turntable and looking to maximize it.

The gent I’m buying this from said he has a Z-Plug fitted with “Z-453R” but that it worked wonders with his cart. (a DV XX2 MKII). It’s not clear to me that this is the “right” Z for my Apheta 2, but it’s coming at no extra cost.

I’ll definitely try to do a ‘shootout’ at home, if my local dealer will lend me an Aura. This SuperLine was a small percentage of the new price, so I feel it’s a very affordable chance to take.

Give it a go. The Apheta 2 ideally needs 100R

You should get a standard 100Ω plug with it, along with a 220, 500 and 1000, and a couple of capacitance plugs. The Z plugs can be ordered when you know the value you need. The 453Ω is perfect for dynavectors.