Superline & Kleos – what resistance loading plug is usually best?

I think I should ask this is a new thread.

I now have the Stiletto singing nicely, with its Lyra Kleos feeding my Superline. The Superline has a Z-foil airplug – to my old ear, a small but real uplift. A 576R plug seemed to suit the Linn Krystal, but I am not sure that it’s right for the Kleos. I will try plug-juggling, but what loading does everyone else use?

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A quick email to Peter Swain should get you a respectable answer…

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Let’s see if he recommends a 576R Airplug…

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Is it Kleos SL ?
Otherwise I think it has a little too high output for the Superline unless you have a Superline E.

My Kleos SL sounds very good to my ears into the K prefix. Thinks it’s 470?

Prefix K is 560 ohms


Thanks Richard, sounds terrific any rate!

Peter recommended 576R and 1NF with my Kleos SL when I had a Superline. He also said that you could remove the 1NF to get a little more high frequency output at the risk of it being more susceptible to RF.

Many thanks. I have done so much A/B comparison in the last couple of months that 'my ears are full, if you see what I mean, so I was not looking forward to another round of it.

The 576R sounds better to me in terms of tone than the other plugs I have to hand, but my 576 is a Z-foil and my 560 and 600s are not…

It sounds from all the above as if I can lave it alone, which is frankly a relief.


Leaving out the 1nF gives noise, as before, so it is staying.

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