Superline options

I have the option to buy a used superline for 1/4 the price of new one. I already have 252/SC.

As i do not listen very much to vinyl, and do not want to prioritize this very much, i am concerned about future capability (if I were do downgrade or make other changes i my main stereo).

  1. can I use superline with uniti nova and supernait 1,2,3 without external power?

  2. Should I (for the money) concider more modern and flexible riias? (Even though I currently have an all naim kit, and the price is good).

I suppose the other question is what TT combo are you planning to use the SL with and if you don’t listen to Vinyl very much is it really worth getting the SL even though the price is good ?


Currently it would only be a planar 2 with aina mc pickup. Within reasonable time I would buy my fathers upgraded planar 6, but i do not think I would go much further.

For Supernaits 1, 2 and 3 the aux 2 DIN socket carries a power supply output intended to power a Naim StageLine or SuperLine phono preamplifier.
I do not think nova does.

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I’d question whether it would still outclass a P6 ? I would have thought a P8/P10 is more suitable at this level. I can understand the appeal of the price of the SL but unless you have a lot of vinyl or are wanting to go in that direction in the future (including investing in a suitable front end that the SL and the amplification you have really requires) then personally, I’d spend the money elsewhere.

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I’d just buy it if 25% of original price. You could no doubt move it on without loss or a profit if you don’t like it. I’m sure you will though.

So I bought the superline, and just read that it exists in different versions (e and n). How do i tell which version mine is?

An email to Naim including the serial number should get you the info you want.

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The owner or dealer should know whether their s is an “e” or not. Short of that a serial number check with Naim will do the trick. In reality the difference between them is very small, the “e” just has a little less gain to allow the use of some of the higher output low output MCs, such as standard Lyras and some Clearaudios, without running into headroom issues.

FWIW, I run with a Superline 'e", mainly because I don’t run any cartridge with an output below 0.2mV and most in the 0.3-0.6mV range.

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Would it be correct to say the normal version can be used with all mc pickups or would some actually require a version e?

I think if you have a low output MC of 0.5-0.65mV then you would be better off with the “e” version. I would not want to use the standard Superline with a low output MC over 0.5mV as the headroom would be rather limited.

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