Superline power

What’s best? Power my Superline from a Hicap2 or from a 252/Supercap2? What’s the forum wisdom? Thanks.

I have used it powered from both HiCap (non DR) and 252. 252 is better, to my ears. In fact, more than happy with it.

I’ve heard that there is a further very significant improvement from Supercap DR though. That will likely be my next upgrade.

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That’s good to know. Hmm, maybe i will look to mitigate some of the cost of another Supercap with the Hicap :slight_smile: Is this even worthwhile, running the Superline off it’s own dedicated Supercap? How many of the power feeds would the Superline utilise?

All of them I think, it uses the same Burndy as a Snaxo. I tried a hicap on mine when I put a supercap on the 282, still preferred AUX2 so the hicap went back in its box. When I replaced the 282 this freed up the supercap.Without the correct Burndy for a couple of weeks I tried the supercap via a Snaic but the supply from the 552 was preferable until the Burndy arrived, that changed thing a bit. If I was doing it again I’d probably use the supercap on the superline and power the 282 from the hicap.

I think it’s a case of trying each option and make your own mind up, as I found the opposite to Dynaudio1.
I found HiCapDR better than HiCap2 which was in turn better than the Superline straight into the 252.
However I was talking to a fellow Naim user at my dealers a couple of weeks back and he said putting a Supercap on the Superline gave a massive increase in performance so if you can afford it try that option too.

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