Superline powered by Supercap into a «normal» amp?

My 300 is due for a DR upgradeand I will have to use something else than my 252/300 for some time.
As for now the Supercap is powering - the 252 - is powering the Superline.
When the 300 is gone the Supercap will power the Superline and a cable will go from Supercap to «normal amp» or… from Superline?

From the Supercap.

Thank you Sir
A 4 pin din to rca?

Yep - from SC socket 5.

Thank you again!

Well thank you too. Your username reminded me that I’d not listened to ‘Little Earthquakes’ in quite a while. Just putting that right now :+1:


I assume a 4-pin DIN to RCA if RCA is needed on the other brand amp.

With Naim its 4-pin DIN to 5-pin DIN typically.

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The Burndy to power the superline from a supercap isn’t the same as the one for the 252, I think its only other use is for a Snaxo. You can however use a Snaic from the supercap instead. A (couple of) DIN to RCA might be needed too, you can’t use the balanced inputs on a third party pre with the existing DIN/Canon(“XLR”) cables.

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