Superline quickie question

Just set up my Superline, loving it!
When I initially connected the phono leads, I left the transit screws in so as not to stress the internal springs. The suspension was much, er, springier than I’d expected! I removed the screws before play…but should I reinsert them before disconnecting/reattaching the phono leads? I ask because I want to test both my Stagelines again before selling them so I’ll need to disconnect the Superline…thanks for any help/opinion :slight_smile:

You should be fine connecting and disconnecting phono leads without having the bolts in place.

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I find the phono connection very tight with my rega cables, i use the other connections much easier to connect and disconnect.


Thank you Richard!

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If you have the phono leads with the locking collars then you need to ensure that the collars are completely undone/open before fitting. The WBT Next Gen sockets can feel quite tight but with gentle but firm pressure the plugs will go on. Then tighten up the collars firmly - that way you’'ll ensure a good contact with the small contact area of the WBT sockets.

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Just the standard push-on leads out of an LP12. :slight_smile:

Next experiment: the Hi Line to SN3 when I have a few days off.
(Gulp…I’ll be really careful with it. Only grasp the silver housing etc…)

Thanks again.

Does your LP12 interconnect have BNCs fitted? If not, it’s well worth doing. The BNCs are a “cinch” (excuse the pun) to connect, too.

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Thanks! When the Linn is in for the Ekos, I’ll ask about BNCs.

If the interconnect from the deck has phono plugs, do you think phono to bnc adaptors would work? Or is this a no no?

I would try to avoid phono to BNC adaptors if at all possible. You would be better off just connecting the RCA phono plugs to the WBT Next Gen RCA phono sockets. However, if your tonearm interconnect can be fitted with BNC plugs (50 ohm) then that’s the best option - you can then connect to the BNC sockets on the Superline.

@Richard.Dane I have phono plugs on my LP12’s T-Kable, and they’re such a tight fit that I never do the quarterly unplug/replug routine without fitting one transit bolt to my SuperLine. Even with that, it usually takes such force that I fear my hand will slip and do damage. Are you saying that BNCs are better for SQ? Because if they are, then I’ll definitely ask my Linn dealer to swap them out when I next take my LP12 in (which, as it happens, will be soon, pending delivery of a new Kandid).

Corry, yes, BNCs are definitely superior for sound - which is why Naim favour them for Phono connection - and are also easy to connect and disconnect.

Thanks, Richard, I’ll definitely get that done!

Interesting comment from Richard wrt. Naim preferring BNCs for phono connections especially as I have always used phono from my LP12 into my Superline.

So I am interested in other user experience of BNCs compared to phono with a Superline.



Richard, the Superline does have the advantage of having not only BNCs but also the best of the RCAs, the WBT Next Gens, which are much closer to BNCs in performance compared to other RCA phonos, provided sockets are matched to the plugs.


My dealer mentioned ordering in some BNCs with a crimped connection. My understanding is that crimping is generally inferior to soldering. Are there BNCs that attach by soldering rather than crimping and, if so, should I specify those? And is there anything else I should specify - brand, impedance, etc.? Given that the improvement may be small, it would be helpful to know the Naim-approved way before I make the change.

The impedance is 50 ohm. As for how they are best attached, it’s will probably depend on the cable, but you might wish to email or call Naim’s service dept.

I sent an email to Naim support yesterday, but I haven’t heard back yet. As time is short (my appointment with my dealer is next week) I was wondering if any forum members have experience of terminating a Linn T-Kable with a 50 ohm BNC? If so, what are the specs, the brand, and so on?

The main issue appears to be the thickness of the cable. My dealer says that the Aro arm cable is RG58, which is the right thickness for a 50 ohm BNC, however the Linn T-Kable is either RG59 or RG6, which is too big.

Much as I’d like to be rid of the overly tight phono plugs and to have an optimal audio connection, if there isn’t a tried and tested way to put 50 ohm BNCs on a T-Kable, I’ll probably leave well alone.

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If it’s any consolation Corey, my dealer told me the same when I bought my Superline. Aro yes because the cable is thinner but Ekos no - so I’ve used phonos. Still sounds amazing

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When I was commissioning my Schröder reference I had the choice of connectors, I contacted Naim and Phil Harris’ response that I should ask for nickel plated 50Ω BNCs to use with a superline.

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