Superline service

Anyone had one yet and was it worth doing?

I had mine serviced after ten years. Well worth it, I was surprised and delighted with the improvement as it was just like a new one I had on loan.


Damn, I was afraid someone would say that.

Interesting question! When I recently asked my Naim dealer about a Superline-service he said its not necessary and there is nothing in it to service (the supercap, of course should be serviced after some years).
I was left wondering, but took his opinion for granted…
My Superline is about 10 years old…I s there some official recommendation from Naim?

How much is it for a SuperLine service and did you get a new Box too? I‘m thinking about buying a 10 year old SuperLine with a scratched Box for a low price tag and doing a service at Naim as well.

i’d be interested in the answers too…

I bought my Superline on a demo basis after a service. My dealer said “it has a new board in it.” Whatever they do in service, it has been a nice upgrade from what I had.

There’s a few caps in there, though nothing is high power there looks to be a few tants which I seem to recall have a limited life and lots of electrolytics. Also the logo on mine is the only dim one in the stack, the 500’s was toned down to match the rest when it was DRed.

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