Superline standard or E low gain with Lyra Delos?

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Next question. I am toying with moving to a Superline. Presently I have a Lyra Delos for which the output is quoted at 0.6mV/600µV. In future I anticipate moving to a different cartridge I see others use a variety around the 350-500µV range but not for a couple of years.

Used standard Superline models appear to be more widely available than the low gain E model. Is the standard Superline a suitable stage, I note it is aimed at cartridges 100µV to 500µV? i.e. below the Lyra Delos output.

@Skip and @Terrysmi I found a thread from 2019 in which you mentioned using a Delos (0.6mV and a Kleos (0.5mV). Do you use the standard model or low gain Superline?

Also, does the Superline come with a 240⁰ DIN interconnect?

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Superline E.
Even with my Lyra Skala (0,5 mV Output) the E is better than standard-Superline…Should be even more evident with your Delos…

With a superline you get.

Superline - Burndy Link plug, blanking plug, loading plugs.

Or at least you used to when this was posted


With a cart with an output over 0.5mV I would be looking at the Superline E. It’s only slightly lower in gain but of course also greater in headroom. You could probably get away with the standard Superline if you go for a Kleos, but I’d be a bit concerned about possible headroom with a cart output of 0.6mV.


@Yeti - Well done for finding that Post. I thought there was a list somewhere… :thinking:

Ah thanks yeti, I’d forgotten about that list.

Thanks all, I guess a Superline E needs to be on the shopping list then. I’ll get saving!

@Richard.Dane: If I imagine correctly you are using a Koetsu Black. In some documents this cartridge is shown with 0,4 mV and in others with 0,6 mV. Do you prefer a Superline Standard or E for your Koetsu?

Chris, I have a Black yes, but it’s not being used currently. I have used it with my Superline E, but not compared against the standard Superline.

Looking at various MC cartridges available, a typical output appears to be around 350µV-500µV range. If so, generally speaking, would a Superline E be the right choice for most users?

What is the history of the Superline - was it originally released with both models? Or was the E model a later release? I’m just curious about why the standard Superline appears to be more common than the Superline E, if the E is the more flexible choice.

The standard Superline came first and it was designed for proper low output MCs. It is quiet enough and has enough gain that it can work well even with those down at 0.1-0.2mV. The E came about because it was found that for MC carts over 0.5mV (there are a some that are 0.6mV - 0.65mV) headroom became a potential issue. FWIW, with my own E I have used successfully with carts as low as 0.25mV.


@Richard.Dane, I thought I read that the E stood for EMT and they have an output of 1.05mV but the Stageline E came first so the E label really derives from the stageline. Was the Superline E also developed for EMT cartridges or does it just carry the name over from the stageline?

There were ‘E’ boards for Naim preamps (same board sometimes also called ‘R’ boards - for Roksan), before any Stageline or Superline…

I also understood ‘E’ meant EMT.

That was for the boards and for the Stageline. E for EMT (also some late ones labelled R for the Roksan Shiraz).

The “E” used for the Superline was an unofficial designation and just used to differentiate from the standard unit.

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Cool, thanks for the info.

For long term use and flexibility with future cartridges, which would you say is the better choice?

Let me put it this way, I chose a Superline “E” for that very reason.

Of course, sods law says that at some point I’ll fall in love with an Ortofon MCx000 series MC…


I tried the Stageline E with my Lyra Argo (output 0.6mv) and the gain just wasn’t high enough. Switched it out for a Stageline K and everything was fine.


Yup, Stageline E is not suitable for an MC of 0.6mV. You would want a cart of 1.0-1.5mV.

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The E label on the Stageline has a different meaning to E on the Superline though.


I believe I have the standard Superline, which has plenty of gain for the Kleos SL. It does have an S where the E would be if that means anything.


I don’t know how to visually identify an E or an S model. Where does that code show?

(I’m case I come across one online that looks promising.)