Superline/SuperCap connections

I have a HiLine DIN4-5 IC to connect my SuperLine/SuperCapDR to my 252.

I am going to try out the WitchHat Morgana DIN4-5 to compare to the HiLine. Can I connect both simultaneously, one on each of two outputs of the SuperCap and into two separate inputs on the 252 (say AUX 1 and AUX 2) to switch back and forth while playing my TT?

I think it’s possible but you lose the decoupling aspect of the hiline, assuming the WH doesn’t decouple, also you’re introducing an earth loop.


I didn’t get on with the Morgana between my Superline/Supercap and 252. It caused an annoying hum that I couldn’t get rid of. I’ll be interested to hear how you get on.


No, don’t do this, you will create an earth loop. Quite apart from that switch back and forth is not a great way to compare because you then tend to focus on obvious cosmetic differences rather than the ones that are important but perhaps not immediately obvious. Best to choose a piece of music. Play it through with one. Then disconnect and connect the new interconnect and play the piece through again. Repeat as desired until you feel you have a good idea of what each does well for you or otherwise.


Yeah, I expected I’d do it the way you say to. I was just hoping to avoid connecting/disconnecting/reconnecting the HiLine too much. It’s so damn fragile, and I’ve already sent one back to Naim for repair before.

See I would do your way and just switch between the 2 instantly so I could hear them together and gain a very good idea straight away what each can do, then I would just leave the one I liked best connected and live with it for a week, then finally swap them both over and see if I disliked it more.
As like you I can see the hiline falling to bits if you start messing with it as they tend to brake all on their own let alone connecting it and dis connecting time and time again

My plan is to put the HiLine in its box for a month and use the WitchHat, so it gets burned in (it was never used). Then after a month I’ll swap the HiLine back in and see if I notice anything obvious (i.e. is it betetr or do I miss something I had been hearing with the WH?). After that it will be more along the lines of what @Richard.Dane suggests, and I respect his experience anyway.

I already have shell shock from that. I start hyperventilating at the thought of connecting/reconnecting a HiLine. Damn things break if positioned downwind of a fart. LOL

You just have to be a bit careful. I’ve connect and disconnected Hi-lines hundreds, possibly even thousands of times (listening testing) and I don’t think I’ve broken one yet that wasn’t already broken. Certainly none of my own Hi-lines. But I do understand your concerns.

I have a HiLine on my NDX2 also. I just found it had broken at one point. Took the longest time to get it fixed (due to Covid last year). I’m still not sure what I even did to break it. Ugh.

The WH Morgana 4/5 was no good between my SL/SCDR and 552. It created a loud hum so went straight back. Maybe I was unlucky but I’ve heard a few similar experiences. Hope yours works out.

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:+1: ditto

Looks like mine is an epic fail. Same thing. Loud hum. That’s a very short-lived evaluation.

Yes. It’s dreadful. My evaluation lasted all of 10 seconds. I’ll not be visiting WH again. The stock lavender 4/5 sounds sublime and I’ll just leave that in I think.

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It’s an odd one for sure. The XLRs are great so it’s a shame that a full loom isn’t viable for whatever reason. The Morganas are pretty much at the top end of what I’d be prepared to pay for a cable so SL/Music etc won’t be demoed here.

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@DaveEngland or @marksnaim, did either of you have WitchHat look at the cable to correct the issue? I emailed them and they want me to send it back, but I might just return it to its owner and let him deal with it instead. I was just going to evaluate it for possible secondhand purchase. As I’m in the U.S. shipping a cable back to the UK is somewhat of a PITA.

I’d send it back to where you got it. WH is going to be swamped with orders in a couple of days with the Halloween sale. I asked them recently if they would fix a DIN/RCA cable that has a broken solder joint and they said no, they are too busy. I’ve been less than happy with them in the past but have plans to buy one more cable this week.


They said they wanted to look at it. I sent it back and heard nothing further re the cable itself and its fitness for purpose. I had to chase them for the refund which did come through. I’ve bought two cables from them now - the first was a din to xlr mono pair for a 300 which made absolutely no difference compared to the sound of the stock Naim pair and then this which was dreadful. Just my view of course and I know many others hold them in very high regard but I really haven’t been particularly impressed.


I just sent the cable back and was refunded pretty quickly. They didn’t question it when I described what was happening which made me think there was a known compatibility issue. In retrospect if that’s the case then it’s not great marketing something that’s not fit for purpose. It wastes time and effort and the cost of returning the cable, which doesn’t get refunded. I was happy with the XLRs, although there was a compatibility issue with the Snaxo bass connection which meant I had to return that too! I was toying with the idea of ordering another connector in the Halloween sale but recalling this has made me pause for thought.


OK. Thank you for the response. I don’t think I want to deal with it in that case and will return it.