Superline+Supercap Into SN3


Am I correct in thinking that I can power a Supeline from a Supercap and at the sametime power the pre amp section of my SN3 from the Supercap?

I currently have two non Naim SNAICS between my HiCapDR and my SN3, can I reuse these between the Supercap and the SN3?

I have a spare non Naim burndy that I used between a XPS psu and my NDS before I obtained a 555 PSU, can I reuse this between the Supercap and the Superline?

Is there anything else I need to consider/think about/be aware of about introducing a Supetline and Supercap into my system?

Thank you.
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No as I understand a SC can only power one unit at a time, either the preamp or Superline. You could power the SN with the SC and then power the Superline through the powered aux socket.

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Hi @LindsayM
I currently power the pre amp of my SN3 from a HiCap.
Would I be correct in thinking that I will not gain anything, SQ or otherwise, if I was to power the SN3 pre amp from the Supercap and the Superline from the SN3?
Thank you.


Tracking back through the email conversation I had with my dealer he has said that the Supercap can power my SN3 and proposed Superline together at the same time.

I am now totaly confused, can it or can’t it?
@110dB Do you know? Thank you.

A Supercap should only be used to power one item; that’s how it’s designed. You can use the SC to power the SN, and then power the SL from the SN’s powered Aux socket. This is no doubt what your dealer meant.


In theory the SC should give an improvement but I’m not aware of anyone using one on a SN.

Hi @HungryHalibut

Thank you for the clarification.
I only have spare room for the SC and SL. With there being different combinations for powering the SL, I am just trying to come up with the best combination to squeeze out the most SQ.

Hi @LindsayM

I only have spare room for the SC and SL. With there being different combinations for powering the SL, I am just trying to come up with the best combination to squeeze out the most SQ.

@garcon uses it on his SN3.

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To be pedantic, the cables that you have that aren’t real snaics cannot be discussed.

I suggest you contact your dealer to figure out the best arrangement of the components you own.

Hi @robert_h

I had done that, still waiting for response.
Just thought, while waiting, I would ask on the Forum.
Point taken on non Naim cables, the question was asked more to enquire about the concept.

Okay - 2 possible options:

  1. The SC on the SN and power the SL from the powered Aux socket on the SN.

  2. Dedicate the SC to the SL and rely on the internal PS to power the SN.

Which is best? Option 1 means that both your sources (brilliant TT by the way) get the benefit of the SC but you really need to try for yourself. Note the advice above about getting the cabling right.



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Once you’ve the Supercap it’s very easy to upgrade the preamp to 282 or 252 and use the Nait for poweramp duties.

Hi @LindsayM

Thank you for your insight.
Unfortunately I will not be in a position to try the different combinations out.
It is a case of deep breath and dive in at the deep end.
I am also considering using the same technique and go for a Whest Audio 60Se Pro.

Hi @Ardbeg10y

Thank you for the thought but I will not be upgrading as I do not have the room for seperates

Hi @garcon

I understand from @frenchrooster that you use the Supercap on your SN3.
May I be cheeky and ask how you find the general SQ compared to the bare SN3 or SN3 with HiCap?
I am considering getting a SC and a Superline, with the SC powering my SN3 and feeding the SL from my SN3.
Thank you.

Try this

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Or this:


Oct '22

The Supernait 3 with SuperCap DR, that is …

From a little search here I could find some good varied views and not too much actual experience so after having lived with these two for a little while, I thought I’d put this down in a separate thread.

Just to be clear upfront - I’ve settled on the Supernait 3 as a solution for my main system, I like it a lot, it drives my speakers in my room with ease and even pleasure, I am impressed how its well integrated phono works with my Planar 8, it’s a gem really. I am not looking to go separates (been there), so for me this is not really about rationalising options, costs, pros and cons of Naim separates upgrade path algorithms etc. but just exploring to see (and not miss) the best of my current setup.

Not every PSU upgrade has also worked the same for me in the past, e.g. the XPS DR on the NDX2 was slightly underwhelming to justify it. The HiCap DR with the SN3 did help organise music a bit better and added some depth for a relatively reasonable price. Then however, if one is to add an additional PSU and another black box, how about a more … ultimate one, the SuperCap DR? I know many might say it’s not wise, not exactly designed for it and probably not worth it? May be all true. And it might not work out the same in each setup depending on the rest of the system and if the speakers would be capable to translate all the extra goodness into better music? But then not so many have tried?

So I did. But did it improve sound, how and, more importantly, by how much?

Technically, to describe the addition of the SCDR to the SN3, one can use the whole superlative audiophile vocabulary and it would probably be all about right. But for me, more than that, adding the SCDR brought a whole different overall feeling about the music after the bare SN3 or with the HCDR. I was planning and sat tight to capture all things hifi, dissect and be critical (VFM, it blxxdy costs!) etc. but was so completely taken by the first notes that all of this hifi analytics felt silly. What the SCDR really did was make music so much more natural, so full of life and energy and just beautiful. Very beautiful. Very disarming. I thought may be something in the combination with the immediacy and groove (a bit Nait2-like) coming from the Atom HE? I then played some records on my Planar 8 … hm, same!:slight_smile:

I am impressed both with the SCDR and, at the same time, with the SN3’s potential, perhaps something for Naim to consider if the SN4 could make even more use of the SCDR? Personally, now that I know how the SuperSuperNait 3 sounds like, I will be treating these 2 boxes as one organic whole thing.”

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@frenchrooster you beat me to it, thanks:)

@RogerGround - you can trust frenchrooster who I believe serves as the forum Larousse Encyclopaedia of members’ systems and experiences.

I’ve had the SN3 with HCDR, and with SCDR later, and the improvement SCDR brought for me was very special indeed. Since I got the NSC222 I changed my setup but, as in my slightly lyrical description, in my mind these 2 remain one whole and I am looking forward to see this implemented even better with the next SN and NPX PSUs.


Thank you to everyone for their responses, it has helped to crystallize my thoughts.
Over the coming weeks I can now give some thought as which option I wish to go for.

Option 1. Add a SC and SL. Feed SN3 from SC and then feed SL from SN3.

I appreciate that option 1 is not maximising the spend on the source, SL, with feeding from the SN3 and not the SC, but I have to work with the space that I have.

Option 2. Add a Whest Audio 60Se Pro. Keep feeding the SN3 from my HiCap DR. Maximises spend on the source, 60Se, and saves adding a home made “side shelf” for the SL. Or having to stand the SC on end at the side of the rack, so the SL can go on a rack shelf.

Anyway off to cogitate.

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