Superline + Superline (2) question

Naim is expensive, specially in US .
I replaced a 252/Supercap / Superline / Hicap with one box Ear 912, less expensive and more enjoyable to my ears. And I can run 2 cartridges If I wanted to .

Naim and Boulder are both expensive.

My SL/SCDR/Powerline/Hiline at retail is US $17k. Add another SL + SNAIC. That’s $5k. The Boulder 1108 is $21K. Hmmmm…

Once I have the windfall to fund to the turntable upgrade (which supports the two arms), I could feasibly sell the Naim and replace with the Boulder.

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I have had a few superline’s over the years, and found them to be great once running from a supercap, but they really need the supercap to shine that bit better, and make them worth the money.
It also depends massively what cartridge you intend running.
I also now run 2 tonearm set ups with different cartridges, i do this because one of my cartridges is very expensive, and i don’t like using on certain records i have, plus it pulls out every thing from the record, and this can sometimes be a touch too much. So i have a second much cheaper arm with a much cheaper but still decent cartridge on it.

If i was you, and the really want to run 2 arms then i would start with what you have, and just run the second superline from the 252, see how you get on with this, and see if you actually use the second tonearm, if you find you are actually using both quite a bit. I would then look at different options.
For me, selling what you have, rather than getting a second supercap would be the way i would go, for many reasons.
You could get a phone amp that will accommodate more than one input, that will not only be far simpler, and take up much less room, plus probably sound better for the same outlay or even less.
I run a allnic h7000, it’s an all valve unit, including the power supply, and it sounds lush, i don’t think you can beat vinyl, and valves when done right. It just ment for each other, and once you hear it working well, you won’t want anything else.

For some reason i thought you already had a second superline.
With this in mind, and knowing that for me i would want a separate power supply for the second superline, and that probably means supercap. Then i would stop, and have a really good think about my vinyl journey, and what i want from it.
I think for me rather than spending out on a second superline and the rabbit hole you will open up with power supplies, etc. I would go and get demo’s set up on phono stages that give you what you want from the off, but that me.
I would rather have the money in one better unit, than the money spread over 2 units, especially since you dont have the second unit.

I mostly just wanted to know that the two Superlines (one powered by SCDR and one by 252) is feasible, and that’s been answered. Thanks.

Once I have the two-arm setup I’ll revisit how I want to do things.

Sorted then

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