Superline to non Naim tube amp

Hi all,
I need a little help today.I recently purchased a tube amplifier to match my vintage Mcintosh MR 71 tube tuner and discover hifi tubes sound.My Superline is connected to socket 4 on the Hicap then from socket 3(4pin)on the Hicap to aux 2 in on my 282.
Question is:do I need a 4 pin to rca cable to connect socket 3 on the Hicap to an input on the tube amp?If yes, would you please suggest a model of this cable?
Many thanks!
P.S. I’m uploading a pic of the amp on the "What was the last bit of gear you bought?"if you want to take a look at it.

Yes, you’ll need a DIN4 - RCA Phono interconnect. You could do a lot worse than to use the standard Naim lavender/grey version of this one (my own is pictured in the FAQ).

Thanks a lot Richard.

@Richard.Dane ,
I’am afraid I have some problem with the FAQ.When I click on it I get a page with different suggested ways of behaving on the Forum,no questions and relatives answers.

That’s strange. It should take to a room with a number of FAQ topics;

Thank you Richard,your links worked.It happens both on my iMac and my cell phone.One more thing,I’m also afraid I crossed my post regarding the tube amplifier.Sorry for that.

Richard,just ordered it at my Naim dealer in Milan.It is expensive but I want to give my new amp some nice stuff🙂

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