SuperLine - two sources?

From SuperLine manual:

3.3.2 Signal Input
Connect the output cable of the pick-up arm to either the BNC or phono input sockets. Only one option, phono or BNC, should be connected at any time.

Mayby a stupid question, but why can’t one connect two sources (one to phono, one to BNC) at the same time to the Superline?

It’s just not designed for two TTs to be plugged in at the same time – they’re not two separate inputs but just the same input going to two sets of connectors to allow you a choice of using an RCA or BNC terminated arm cable and there would be no way of selecting between the two. Plug two TTs in at the same time and you’ll affect the cartridge loading as you’re effectively putting both cartridges in parallel and performance will suffer.

As James says it’s not designed to have two turntables plugged in at the same time. you’ll affect the load and capacitance that each cartridge effectively “sees”, and not in a good way. Not a good idea…

Thank you both - makes sense.

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