Superline vs Rega Aria - which upgrade?

Goodmorning everyone.

I have already read several discussions about it but I would like to understand if in the meantime new considerations have been made on the subject.

I currently have a Stageline S (powered directly from the preamp) to drive a RegaP6 with Ania cartridge.

in my setup (NDX / XPS / 252 / SC / 300) I think the stageline is the weak point …

which Upgrade to consider?

  • A HiCap for the Stageline?
  • A Superline? (powered only by the pre … for reasons of space I will not be able to insert an additional psu)
  • A new Rega Aria Mk3?

thank you so much for the tips …

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If you are not able to add a separate PSU for your Stageline due to space constraints why is adding a HicapDR to the SL an option? Did you mean that you have not got space for a full width PS like a Supercap but can accommodate a HiCap?

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Good morning to you too.

I’m currently using Rega Aria, with Ania Pro - RP6 - NEO PSU. (I’ve just changed the cartridge and had the standard Ania MC beforehand).

Can say the Aria was a better sounding option (for me and my ears) when I compared with Stageline, and other MC phono stage options. So, definitely recommend that option.

Can’t comment on SuperLine. But very interested in this aspect of your OP and so curious to see what others might say?

Please keep us posted if you take this further and get the chance to audition these options for yourself.

Good luck with an interesting project.

A Superline powered only by the pre would be holding it back and if adding a separate psu is not an option (which would also be an expensive option, and perhaps also slightly overkill with your current turntable) it sounds like the Aria is your best bet. It’s a great phono stage.

I can see two weak point in the system you list and they’re the front ends. A 252/300 deserves better sources all round. The stageline on AUX power of a 252 isn’t undernourished for power but might not have the best loading for a Rega cartridge a P6, A Dynavector would be a better match.
A superline is a wonderful phonostage and very flexible for loading, your 252’s aux power from a separate winding in the supercap will serve it well, better than a hicap, and should you ever move on to a 552 the whole supercap will serve it even better. It’s not the first move I’d make however, that would be a deck upgrade to something like a P10, Versalex or something of that level. When this madness eases a bit get a few demos.
An aria is a good phonostage for a Rega cartridge and is designed with Rega’s peculiar tonearm earthing in mind, probably better for one than a superline powered from the AUX of a supernait or even a hicap powered preamp. If Regas are the only decks you’ll ever use it would be a decent choice and still pretty good if you move on.
The bare NDX is another weak point.

A superline powered from your 252 will be better than what you have now, the superline can have its own problems, as i guess you have read about, but it is a fine phono stage.
The main problem with the superline is upgrades and cost, its very easy to end up with a supercap dr and airplugs, as you try and get all of its performance out, thats fine but you end up with a very expensive phono stage, that in my view is not worth the outlay.
You have a rega P6 and also rega cartridge, its very hard for the money to better the rega phono amps, as they are designed to work together, this is certainly the first place i would go

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From personal experience a Superline is a huge step up from the Stageline, as is a Dynavector P 75. But I agree about improving the front end too. Your 252/SC/300 will really let through any improvements you make but I’d be inclined to change the Turntable and the phono stage. If that means aiming for a cheaper phono stage I still think you’d see an overall greater improvement than putting the P6 through a Superline. And I’m a Superline fan.

For the price of a Superline you could get an Aria and upgrade the P6 to a P8. The P8 is significantly better than the P6. That’s what I’d do. A 10 would be even better but may be too expensive.


A Superline would be the best bet performance-wise, and the NAC252/Supercap provides a very good AUX2 supply from dedicated windings in the power supply.

However, as HH mentions above, it would be begging for a better turntable and cartridge, so you may need to consider this before diving down that rabbit hole.


Also have an Ania Pro with Aria. And they are really made for each other.

The Aria can also comfortably take an upgrade to a P8 with Apheta as well.

Ania seem to have quite some IGD, what about Ania Pro ?
next could be Aria and or P8

Your amplification is much better than mine and I can’t comment on the super line or the aria but on my 202/200 swapping the stage line S and my P6/Ania from the powered aux socket of my preamp to being poweredfrom a hi cap made an extraordinary difference so, as a (relatively) inexpensive first step, I think you might be surprised.

It does seem like your setup might deserve something better though.

See @Richard.Dane’s comment above. The 252 passes through a dedicated supply from the 252’s own supercap. So no benefit in a dedicated hicap for a superline phono when using the 252 pre.

I have lots of sibilance issues with my Ania. Upgrading to the Ania Pro solved it.

But depending on the music the OP prefers, it may not even a problem to solve.

Hi … unfortunately I only have space in the cabinet for 1 object as big as HiCap … If I leave the Stageline (being very small) I can easily place it elsewhere, leaving space for the HiCap … if I put the Superline I would have nothing else space for HiCap …

Sure… i will keep you informed

Superline is the same width as the Stageline and the Hicap so you shouldn’t have a problem.

But ya don’t need a dedicated hicap for a Stageline or Superline given the supply from the 252 is reportedly very good

Thanks to everyone for the really interesting ideas …

in fact I had also started thinking about the Ania Pro instead of the Ania … then I abandoned the idea because I had no idea how much I could improve …

I’m instead understanding that would be a good upgrade …

Unfortunately the upgrade of the Turntable is not possible at the moment and I think I will still stay with the P6 …

it could be interesting then to switch to both the Aria stage and the Ania Pro stylus …

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Yes I know … it was to answer DaveEngland’s first question …