Superline with 252/Supercap


Currently, I’m using a Superline directly with Supercap DR as I don’t have a Naim Amp.

However, just pulled the trigger on a 250DR and waiting on a response on a 252.

So, my question is - how do I best hook up the Superline, now the 252 will use the SupercapDR ?

I assume, a 2nd Supercap would be the best solution, however would a hiCap DR be a better option than the 252 connection or the same ?


Hi a 2nd SC is the best option but expensive. A HC for the SL is what I have and works well. Alternatively you can power the SL from the powered aux socket on the 252 which also works well.

It’s all good I think a question of try and see.



I haven’t personally tried it but forum consensus is generally that there is little difference between the HC and the 252 as power supply.

I’d say there’s definitely a difference (between Hicap and AUX2 on Superline), but you may well prefer one way to the other. I tend to prefer via the AUX2 on the NAC252 - a bit more together and “of a piece”.

I have a similar set up - I think you will find the 252 connection gives pretty good results. I power my Superline from a Hicap as I find it just a little better, but not so much that I would have bought a Hicap if I didn’t have one spare already. I did borrow a Supercap to replace the Hicap for a short time - that was a definite uplift if you can afford the money and space.

If you get the 252, run it from aux 2 power socket and see if you feel you have lost anything over the supercap, thats what i would do, and if you feel its worse, then its its another supercap or look at different phono stage, as for the money the superline and supercap dr cost, there are plenty to choose from these days and they might just off better performance for less outlay ?
But as first get the 252 and see how it goes

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I recently switched from Aux 2 to Supercap powering the Superline, after quite a few years running from the Aux 2 on the NAC 252. Very significant improvement on vinyl plus the added bonus that the 252 gains in clarity when playing CDs. No going back !

The other tweak I did with the Superline was sort out a slight wobble that it had on the feet. On request Naim supplied some shims - tightened the sound up significantly. Having done all that, my vinyl front end is now sorted.

Yes, a dedicated Supercap is definitely tops if you can afford it and accommodate it.

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I find the same. With the HiCap it’s a tad better and also allows for the use of a different I/C. Ironically, I find the biggest difference being how the CD and Tuner perform better with the HiCap on the SuperLine.
Originally used the HiCap on a 282 but it went on the Stageline (then later the Superline) when I bought a 252.
If I didn’t have one spare I wouldn’t buy one.

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I ran the Superline off the 552 Aux 2 but recently went for a Hicap DR. Although many here, including Richard, advocate the Aux 2 I definitely prefer the Hicap and it has the added advantage of slightly improving the other sources running through the preamp.

As ever best to try it out if you can and make your own mind up.

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Dave, note I have only tried AUX2 vs. a Hicap, but have not tried a Hicap DR…

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Hi Mr… (Ms.) Lip-

In addition the good advice given above by Richard and others, I thought I would try to somewhat reframe this question. Most of the suggestions so far are valuable, but they seem primarily focused on what you might be losing by not having your Superline powered by a dedicated Supercap. (Which is amazing, no doubt.) I would add a second viewpoint, which hopefully will allow you to find the perspective that best fits your needs and goals for your system. By adding a NAC 252 and a NAP 250 DR to your system, you will be gaining one of the many systems that really carry the full Naim sonic DNA. Unlike some other brands, the Naim amps are not the most important component the chain. The Naim pre-amps are generally the most fundamental part of the electronics. Depending on your previous experience, your goals for your system, your taste in both music and sound, and whether you use any other optimized sources beyond vinyl, you might find the NAC 252 + Superline on Aux 2 + NAP 250 DR right in your wheelhouse over time, but it is certainly a great Naim system which would please a great many listeners. Finally, I would suggest reaching out to a good local Naim dealer who can personalize their help to best serve your needs. Naim is a mature high end line with tons of options, which is great, but it can also be a bit daunting for somone coming from outside the Naim bubble.

Good luck,



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