Superline with audio technica oc9xml

Has anyone used a audio technica oc9xml with a superline?
I have already looked through the superline topic,
But there is no mention of audio technica cartridges that i can find.

Drop Peter Swain at Cymbiosis a line - I believe he has experience with both.

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I’m using AT-OC9XML but with Stageline thou. Initially I had problem with getting sound out of it so it was sent to a Naim dealer to look into it…not sure what they done to it but now works, kind of……
I’m not 100% convinced yet it works properly…. maybe I just got too much expectations…sounds OK, just OK!

Are you using Stageline S or K?

Seriously? IMO, a Superline is a fantastic phono-stage, and is wasted on a $600 cartridge. If that was my budget I would have gotten a less expensive phono-stage and a better cartridge. Can’t you aim higher?

Yeah, I think there’s a reason for that (at least for the range you’re looking at), as per my above comment.

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It was bought at the same time from same dealer, so I guess he knew what he was doing. When taken to a Naim dealer to look into it together with P9 and AT catridge, he confirmed it was a correct Stageline type, K in this case.

I do not know what the rest of your system is but I suggest try a Stageline S. Borrow it from your dealer and try. Tell him you are not completely happy with the AT. ( do not get talked into upgrading the cart till you try a few things.I’d suggest upgrade your table before ou do that! ) An entry level AT can sound good in a right system.
I used AT-F7 with a Stageline S. This is a best sounding 250$ MC cart I have tried. At this price it does not do everything a costlier cartridge can deliver but it’s a good tracker and groovy little cartridge!


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