Superline with SN2 problem

I bought my SuperNait 2 about three years ago, and for the first time tried connecting a Superline phono stage directly through the Aux2 powered input. No sound, no green light on the SL. SL works fine when hooked up via a HiCap into a regular input. Thinking the Aux2 was not providing power, I tried a Stageline through it, and it works fine! Huh? Both Superline and Stageline have the same 24 volt power requirement, so what is happening? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Did you wait for the mute to switch out? Remember with the Superline it takes a while. It’s caught me out at least once before in the past.

edit: Just seen your comment re. no green light. That would seemingly indicate a possible issue with either the SNAIC5 or the power from the AUX2. Can you substitute another SNAIC? However, if the AUX2 is powering a Stageline OK with the same SNAIC then I’m a bit stumped. Is the Burndy link plug properly seated?

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It does sound like an issue with the power rails on the Aux2 socket as Richard mentions. The Superline will draw more current than the Stageline so this may be the reason why one works and the other doesn’t when powered off this socket.

Actually I have tried two different SNAICs, and the Burndy plug is working fine (as indicated by HiCap connection). The comment by james_n sounds plausible, not enough current for the SL through the Aux2. I just tried this for fun, didn’t plan to use the direct connection long term. In the future Chris West will be servicing my SL, so I’ll ask him about this issue at that time.

The SL should work fine off the SN2 Aux2 socket so it sounds like something is amiss here. Worth getting the SN2 checked too when you put the SL in for a service, just for peace of mind.

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I agree that the SN2 should be checked out, but I’d have go through Naim/Focal NA for that …

I agree that the SN2 should be checked out, but I’d have go through Naim/Focal NA for that …
Is that because the SN2 is still under warranty? I’d give Chris a call anyway and see what he thinks.

Thanks, I will ask Chris, but in general he doesn’t do general repair anymore, and certainly not warranty work.

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