Superlumina cables

I have SL speaker cables arriving tomorrow and was wondering if I could get some advise on what other SL cables are recommended for a 500 streaming system and which would be best purchased first?

Source to preamp followed by pre-power :slight_smile: The full loom is worth the journey.

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Only two more to go then, not as bad as I thought!?

Hi @cdboy , thanks for your help.

Are the below two the same or do they differ with pins etc, I’m presuming DIN is preferable to XLR?

Source to preamp interconnect SL DIN.
Power amplifier to preamp interconnect SL DIN.

You’ll need a mono pair of din to XLRs to connect the 552 PS to the 500 - replacing the pair you have now.

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Thank HH, it may seem a bit odd asking here rather than my dealer, it’s the response time !

One on ebay now at £2,899, but I’ll try my friendly neighbourhood dealer first.

I was hesitant spending so much on an interconnect but brilliant upgrade on my CDS3/282.




I’ve not done this - is the consensus that it’s worth it?

I’ve got the SL interconnect - and the speaker cable - both of which are stellar, but have stopped short of “full loom”

Yes, it’s worth it. I used them when I had my 272/300 and it’s a great upgrade. The impact of the SL cables seems to be additive, and with the cable at both ends you have a missing link in the middle. They come in 1m and 1.5m lengths so you can get those that best fit.

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Wow, that’s a lot for used, but then it’s a dealer. I sold mine last year for £1,800 I think. Have a look on Pink Fish as they come up there from time to time. It’s where I sold mine.

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Yes - I agree - that’s why they’ve been in eBay for a while I’m thinking!

Did you check on Pink Fish?

I did but got stuck at Pink Fish Media.

My friendly neighbourhood quoted
Superlumina 5 Pin Din – 5 Pin Din 1m £2017.00
Superlumina Nap 500 Interconnects £3439.00

Total £5456.00 - The deal is £3950.00

But more than I had available.

Thanks HH I see them now, but I’m going to let the SL speaker cables and ND555 do their melting pot synergy thing first it’s all still quite new and I’d like to appreciate the changes step by step as I’ve rather rushed here.

Good call …as you say no rush and you will appreciate each step that SL brings along the path to a full loom.

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Nice setup you have there Micheal.

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Thanks! Achieved from my first set up in 1969 … I am now 73! To quote The Beatles “A Long And Winding Road”.


For me cables have a percieved purchase difficulty in being just a piece of wire. That’s from a person with a 500DR and SL speaker cables.
However, on the source first I am about to audition the DIN cable from CD555 to 552 on non essential shops re opening. Wish me luck on a delivery date.
Going up the Naim ladder it becomes less hi-fi and more musical. Perhaps I am doing all this in reverse order?

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I have the same amp and went on the same journey. It will be a very brief audition on the SL interconnect - you’ll realise how much the HiLine is holding back your system.