Superlumina DIN to XLR problem

I have NAc N 272 connected to NAP 300DR with SL 4 PIN DIN to XLR interconnect. It has been noticed that there is sound difference between left and Right SL DIN- XLR cable. In the left SL- XLR sound is very less in comparison to Right SL- XLR. I swapped the cable left to Right channel and Right cable to left channel . Then observed that Left SL DIN- XLR is having some problem.
I have another setup with ATC 40 Active speaker so from NAC N 272 connected ATC 40 Active with Superlumina 4 PIN DIN- XLR and noticed that sound is coming less from left channel.
Hence , i confirm that there is something wrong with Left SL DIN - XLR cable. I opened and checked DIN and XLR connections all soldering are in order. Whether there is any resistance in between the wire / is there any known solution

I know the din to din source SL cable has a resistor in the cable, because one i had on demo had a nasty hum and went back to Naim…fault was the resistor. Not sure about din to xlr SL cable, but its possible. Perhaps @Richard.Dane might know, or could offer thoughts on your problem?

Sorry G, I have no idea re. the SL cables. I would advise taking this up with your Naim dealer.

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