Superlumina experience

Good evening, I have borrowed a pair of Superlumina din to xlr for my nap300dr last week, i didnt install them until monday. when i fist put them on i didnt like everything they did but thought i would run them for a few days. They are used so run in etc

Strange thing, its now thursday and my system is sounding really really good, like properly! I am going to pop my standard cables back on tomorrow just to confirm things.

Something i find really interesting, they seem to have taken a few days to settle in, im not sure if the the jiggly bits in the plugs need some time do de jiggle, anyone else found this?

I have read some people didnt get on with these cables so got me wondering, any feedback would be usefull

I’ve found most cables need time to rest when you have played around with them. Cable experts talk about mechanical stress that change properties until they have settled and relaxed in their new position. Just like me when I’ve sat down in a sofa for couple of hours and get up. Takes time to get going :smile:



Saving up for a set for our rig.

We had SL DIN/XLR on 250DR and we loved what it did.


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I tried them a few times, i did not find them to improve the SQ. My conclusion……it was part of room/ system tuning. They did not make a more enjoyable sound versus Naim nacA5…….and i found it difficult to better. Now with Kudos ks-1.

have you tried the interconnect mate? i use chord sig xl speaker cables, i think on this cable i have here even if its been run in, its really wants a week to settle down…this is new to me!haha

i agree, i have found this before but not to this level

SL speaker cables have far less impact on a system than the SL interconnects if our experience was anything to go by.

We had both on previous system, now only speaker cables.

Interconnect was a real SQ step up whilst speaker cable was just a slight, but noticeable improvement.

Interconnect was far better VFM.

Ears have grown accustomed to the “new” sound if they were already run in would be my thoughts but others will surely differ :thinking: :shushing_face:

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its 100% not that mate. one of my mates listened on monday when these first went in and then this morning with the same track at the same volume and asked…what have you done? it sounds amazing. si i showed him the cables and he agreed much better today

I tried a full loom……more than once. Its a personal listening choice……i liked them at my dealer….very much, but not at home.

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We bought ours without demo. The SL DIN/XLR turned out to be a fantastic punt at only £1k. If we hadn’t liked it then we’d have been able to sell on for no loss.

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Nice it worked out for you👍

yea of course, all this stuff is personal. its the change in sound over a week that boggles my brain a bit

i think i am going to go for these, i want to go back to the original stock cables just to double check and will go back to Superlumina again

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Yes……best not to over think it…….many thousands of posts probably over the years on the forum.

Just something i have not experienced before

Funny how experiences with cable upgrades vary so much. I found SL speaker cable to be a big upgrade, even with the relatively modest Naim system I had at the time. Then I borrowed a SL interconnect, but it did absolutely nothing for me so I passed.

Have you tried the Witch Hat Phantoms, or did you go right to the KS-1s. Just wondering because I’m planning on one or the other in the future.

For some reason the Superlumina DIN/XLR’s seem to get a bit of bad press. A lot of people find they initially make little/no difference to the SQ. My experience was just the opposite. However, they did take some time to come on song. When they do though it opens up the amp considerably. Vocals in particular become wonderfully natural. If you can get them to hang from the PS to the amp without touching the floor or any other wires they will sound even better. I’ve tried a couple of alternatives to SL but haven’t yet found anything better.


Well Witchhat are no longer in business…….i have not tried phantoms