Superlumina interconnect direction?

I read that SuperLumina is directional and that the direction on an interconnect can be discerned by distinguishing a lighter grey sleeve for the source end and a darker sleeve for the other end. Apparently these markings appear where the cable enters the plug. I am familiar with various forms of such markings on other Naim cables, but I can see nothing on the SuperLumina Din/Din interconnect I have just acquired - only tiny Naim logos reproduced along the cable itself. Help - I must be stupid or blind!

You are not alone Clive, i even asked my wife to check.In the end i went with the naim lettering…n towards the the source…m towards the preamp, sounded fine.

The difference in colour between the two plug collars is there, but you need strong light to see it clear enough to discern the difference.

Naim told me that sometimes, because of the way the cable comes off the reel, it can be the case that an interconnect cable might not even have any text on it. (As it is with mine).

So look for the slightly lighter of the two plug collars and that is the one that plugs in your source.

Thanks, Gazza and Marka - well, I have got the Naim logo so maybe I should just follow that because I really cannot see any difference between the plug collars, even with a magnifying glass and direct sunlight!

We were by our windows on a nice sunny day, just could not see a difference. These are a demo set, when i buy i will get my dealer to confirm direction before i take them home.

How are you finding them? - with your ND555 I guess. I got them from someone who has just bought a Statement pre/power and were surplus to his needs - he’s also selling some SL speaker cables, which I presume were also part of the Statement package. He’s a record producer (Chasing the Dragon) so it’s interesting he’s gone for the Statement, presumably for some professional use.

I’ve plugged the SL into the CD555, which you put me onto at Signals, and all sounds good, although as they are unused I expect there will be some burn in to experience.

Oh i have tested god knows how many combinations of cables…a bit of a nightmare. My first go with SL din to din and din to xlr did not go well…sounded compressed. Now trying a different set and the speaker cables, the full loom does seem to make a difference. I will buy the full loom bit by bit over the course of the year.
I did try true signal cables, tellurium Q…several types…but did not grab me, and neither do the full loom. Glad you like the cd555…nice piece of kit, a classic, well looked after, i think that was the dark bear trade in.

Oh dear, sounds gruelling - audio analysis can be time consuming and frustrating! Not to mention the shocking costs involved above a certain level. I have read that some have found the SL demands the full loom, but I don’t expect to go for that. So far the SL seems a good step up from the HiLine, but I’m only on CD No2! Yes, I believe the CD555 did come from Dark Bear and is excellent.

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