Superlumina speaker cable extension

I am thinking re-postioning my system which will involve longer speaker cables.

I am currently using Superlumina cables and given the expense of replacing them with longer cables (from 6 to 9 m) I thought of trying phono couplers and buying 3m cables to increase the length.

Probably not a good idea but I would be interested to hear from anyone who has tried using couplers.

I’d suggest that you sell the 6m set and buy a 9m set. Maybe you can find some of the longer ones used and save a bit. When I rearranged things I sold my 3m set and bought a 4m set to replace them. With cables at this price it would be a shame to compromise.

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Yes HH you are probably right.

No one tried couplers ??

Don’t do it. Sell them and buy another set. The price difference will be relatively marginal if you get used. I got 7m for 3k GBP with abit of negotiation.

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