SuperLumina Speakercable - is it worth in my system

Thanks @roger . I have used a lot of Chord cables in the past and really enjoyed them. Never with Naim however. Never say never though! Right now I am beyond impressed with what the SL is doing and have 1000+ Cds still to re-enjoy so it maybe a while before the itch comes back!

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Hi Iver, I changed to SL from hi line and it was a very good upgrade and I then added the speaker cable having previously had naca5 (both used / ex dem) and thought they were both excellent upgrades.

Slightly off topic but how are you getting on with the Focal Kanta’s? I am trying some at the weekend with 552/300/NDS.



I first heard the Super Lumina cable demonstrated at the Bristol HiFi Show. The largest improvement was the speaker cables. . . I started saving and just before Christmas I upgraded to SL for the speaker cables and pre-power interconnects. And well . . . wow! It was such a significant change in sound it was similar to changing an amp or upgrading the speakers.
The set-up is: Revox B77MkII (completely restored), Clearaudio Innovation-TT3-Stardivari, Clearaudio Balanced + v2 phono stage, NAC-N272 powered by a 555PS, Superlumina interconnect, NAP300DR, SuperLumina 3mt speaker cable driving Focal Sopra No2.

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I think that SL speaker cable should be a very good match with Focals being the latter pretty open and clear at the top end. (This according to a well regarded forum member impression).
With my 500 system the speaker cable seemed more benefical than interconnect one at least at the beginning, being the latter new and needing run in and coming from Hi Line already.


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I can vouch for SuperLuminas - use two sets in two of my systems.

If one thinks of speaker cables (and any signal cables) as not what they add, but what they take away.
Any cable is a source of degradation of any signal. That’s just pure physics.

I found that with Naim gear, SuperLuminas degrade the signal least and do so in a way that lends itself to a rather pleasant result.


I use Super Lumina in my 500 system but have also tried it with my UnitiQute2/NAP100 system at the office. No matter the range, Super Lumina brings great improvement to sound. Much more refined, more resolution, less forward edge. Highly recommended.

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Hi Gary, thanks for your reply. My Kanta 2’s are “here to stay”. I am really happy with their performance. Loudspeakers are very sensitive to taste, but if you like the Focal sound, they are worth every penny. It did not take too long to run them in. Now they are really mastering my living room: so much authority and a very high level of detail. What I love the most, is that the sound is completely “loose” of the speakers: I just cannot hear the music coming from the speakers. Enjoy you audition, and let us knwo your thoughts on it. Iver

This thread inspired me to look at Super Lumina, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now - replacing my Tellurium Q Green speaker cable and a Hi-Line.

So seeing an ex-demo deal for SL speaker cable and an SL din-din interconnect. I took my life in my hands and braved the M25 and a round trip of 232 miles to a great dealer in Biggleswade (thank you Paul), picking up the cables without trying them in my system first :thinking:.

All I can say is WOW - Agree with all the descritions here - lifting the veil - as good as a black box upgrade etc. Tried speaker cable first with Hi-Line - absolutely amazing then the SL interconnect and more clarity, PRAT. The combination of the speaker cable and the interconnect was a worthwhile investment and like all these things just wondering why I left it so long.

In terms of the price, yes expensive, but I weight this up looking at how much time I spend listening to music 18+ hours a week, how many albums I own 13,328 according to Asset and the re-sale value of the cables - then I can justify to myself that it’s a marginal cost all round…


I pretty much agree with all that’s been said, however don’t underestimate the NACA5. I currently use SL speaker cable but in switching from NACA5 I did notice an obvious and immediate difference that was in many ways better but in other ways maybe not and so its clearly a case of personal preference.
I plan to demo NACA5 again after my newer equipment if fully settled in just to make sure I like the SL better.

Hi jsaudio,

Interesting as when SL speaker cables came out there were one or two people who preferred, or reverted back, to NACA5.

I remain open on this and contemplating a home loan. The drawback for me is that I have 2 x 13m run of NACA5 so SL works out as a significant cost.

All the best,


Looking at your system profile which looks amazing I would say that the SL speaker cable would be very worthwhile but 2 runs of 13m ahem! where are your speakers in a shed down the end of the garden! :grinning:


Slight mistake in my posting in that it is 2 x 11m. The speakers are at one end of the room and the kit at the other end with cables running under the floor.

Good man that Paul from Biggleswade, helped me out a few times and im on the other side of the musical planet. You’ll enjoy them Andy, excellent upgrade
Time you up’ed your listening hours (minimum of another 1/2 hours a day) :grinning::grinning::grinning: that’s a lot of albums


I have something like 4x7m to think about! So def not happening for a while!

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