Supernait 1 - a potential upgrade for 2nd system

There’s an opportunity for a pre loved SN1. Do people think that it be a worthwhile upgrade from a Uniti2 in a second system in my media room? It would be next to a Core, so I am assumimg that the Core can connect directly to the SN1 whilst my Nova connects to the Core through my network (in a seperate room, as a main system). I also have a UQ2, can that connect to the SN2 for internet streaming (Tidal etc). Also, how good is the headphone stage, as I have been considering a dedicated headphone stage for the media room?

Speakers in the media room are Totem Hawks, on the Nova Totem Forest Signatures.

Current dream upgrade path is a SN2/NDX2 with the Forests, with the Nova going to the Hawks in the media room (but only if a software unpgrade enables the lights to be turned off). So a SN1 might muddle that a bit, but it looks like a good opportunity.

What’s the collective wisdom folks?

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The original Supernait is a great amp, I listened to SN2 to check out if their was a worthwhile SQ improvement. The SQ change was not significantly better in VFM terms, but also considering I was loosing the internal DAC & my well used Record button row with its buffered output, it was no deal.
I would go for it.

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I agree - the SN1 is a great amp. IMO the SN2 is more refined but the SN1 has more of a boogie factor.

However, most would agree that it’s internal DAC isn’t its strongest point so would be better with separate DAC or streamer. SN1 with NDX for instance would sound much better than your Uniti2.

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If you really want a SN2 for your endgame system, I would suggest that you get one now, instead of wasting cash on a box that you’re not going to keep. Sure, it will cost a little more now, but then you’re done and you can start saving for that NDX2! First, though, you should try to establish that you really want a SN2. The SN1 is still a great amp, and you will only know if the SN2 is worth the extra by listening for yourself.
As you have two Unitis, you can use them as streaming sources for the time being, and make sure your network is fully sorted. You then have multiroom, which will not work between the Core local SPDIF output and UPnP.

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Thanks Chris. If I went for a SN1 that would (probably) be in place of a SN2 in the end game system, but I think your advice of going for the SN2 when I’m ready is more sensible if it’s better (I’m quite a distance from getting to a demo unfortunately).

I could try trading the Uniti2 for an SN2 and run the UQ2 as the streaming source in the media room as a staged upgrade. Then when I can afford the NDX2 pair that with the SN2 in the lounge as the main system and move the Nova to the media room.

The UQ2 is currently with a NAP100 in a garage/games room, but I can revert back to my old reliable A60 there if needed.

I’m trying not to get confused…

I had a SN1 with a Qute as source for a second system. I sold off the SN1 and now just use the Qute. Honestly I’m much happier with just the Qute. That said I have Totem Mites not Hawks I’m using so I would think the extra power from the SN1 would really benefit the Hawks. They like power. I’ve owned the U2 in the past as well and thought it was a great piece of kit but lacks power to really drive the Hawks. I would suggest an external DAC to use with SN1 or a HiCap. Supposedly that really helps the SN1 in terms of SQ including its internal DAC.

Another consideration with a SN1 is age - I don’t know what the expected ‘service interval’ is, but you’ll be buying an amp between 6 and 12 years old, which could turn out to be a false economy if you have to pay for a recap/service sooner rather than later.

Yes, that’s a good point, it’s 10 years old I think and I would need to see what the service options are in New Zealand.

I’m sure you could get it serviced by the NZ Naim agent, but the extra cost might make it more expensive than a SN2. You can always ask them what it would cost.

The general consensus of everything I read and all the contemporary reviews was that the SN1 with a HCDR is almost as good as an SN2. But, in the world of pre-owned / demo, an SN1 with an HCDR can almost cost the same as an SN2.

I went from SN1 to SN2 last week. Did I need to change? Nope, didn’t feel I was missing anything with the SN1, just the opportunity came along to get a near-new SN2. I loved my SN1 and adding a HCDR made a big impact. I timed my resale well with no others in the usual places, there’s now a few on the market meaning demand/supply ratio should help you get a great price.

I used to have Hawks too - was a great combination.

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Oh sorry you’re not in the UK so the demand/supply thing may be inaccurate.

Also valid point made earlier re age, mine was 10 years old and so I was factoring in recapping cost when comparing with SN2 move.

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Thanks everyone for your thoughts. When I rang the dealer to discuss it, it was sold that morning… so back to Plan A.

I still want to run an A/B comparison with a Nova v NDS XS2 or NDX2 into the SN2 to see how they compare and whether the SN2 option is a worthwhile upgrade so my Nova can move to the media room with the Hawks. My dealer suggested a second Nova, as another option rather than the SN2. I just need to get a handle of the performance of both amps. Unfortunately there are no streamers here yet for demos, but that’s probally a good thing, I can save some money in the meantime.

Wanted to have a blast with some rest tracks on my Nova now, but there’s a power cut…

Cheers, Mike

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