Supernait ‘1’ and 4 ohm speakers

Hi everyone and seasons greetings,
Wondering if anyone would answer my question which is probably really basic. I have a Supernait 1 amp and I am using it to power my Dali epicon 2 speakers which are 4 ohm speakers. Is this okay as the amp states 80w into 8 ohm?
Thank you, andy

I couldn’t find any measurements of your speakers, but Dali themselves state 30w minimum. But the Supernait does 80w into 8ohm, and according to Stereophile 140w so I don’t think it should be any issue.

I use my own design & made speakers with a Supernait, speakers go to 3.2 ohms at lowest, bass units are 5.8 ohms DC. All is perfectly fine at the volume levels I use in my setup.

Stereophile review shows it more than meets its specified power into 8 ohms, at 89Wpc (19.5dBW) with both channels driven. It clipped at 140Wpc into 4 ohms (18.5dBW), but turned off at 141W into 2 ohms to protect itself,

Does it sound good? Does it trip it’s own internal protection? If the answers are “Yes” and “No” then it’s perfect.

I doubt anyone anywhere has ever pushed a Supernait into tripping as reported in that Stereophile report. Find a 2 ohm speaker for starters, the only ones I know of are electrostatics, then push them so hard as to soak up 140w.

The answer is per your post, does it sound good ?
In my case = you bet it does

Hey- this forum is great. Thank you everyone for your replies. Happy Christmas. I’m going to put some music on and know I’m not going to go up in smoke! All the best, Andy

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My sn1 stays remarkably cool, even under load. Merry Xmas too. Just finished playing the most boring Xmas service ever …

Epigon 2 are only 4 ohm at very low frequency, a Supernait is very stable further down.

You might google and get an idea how the curve looks (more like 6 ohm) of these loudspeakers

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