Supernait 1 and Schiit Loki EQ


Does enybody use Loki EQ with Supernait?

Sometimes I need a bit less bass and tone controls would come handy.

Any addvise on sound and connetions of two sources would be apreciated.

Regarda, Matjaz

No No No, child of the devil, avoid.
The Supernait, like all Naim amps, has a flat line output 20Hz-20kHz.
If you have too much bass, look at your speakers, their placement & your room in general

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He he. I call my room “a place from hell”, so the devil child will have good time there.

Anyway, it is a problematic room and only small monitors work without to much bass (but with midrange dip). So, my question is, does Supernait 1 have a tape monitor function to add an EQ?



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