Supernait 1 Locked in mute

Hi there,

My Supernait 1 has developed a problem that it is permanently in a state where both the mute buttons are in mute, and locked in this state. I can’t unmute the amp.

I’ve turned the Supernait 1 off and on, I’ve left it off for a day to see if it fixes itself, however, it always returns to a state of locked mute.

Anyone else had this problem before, and know of a solution?



Is this a fault indicator? On the newer Naits it’s a sign that the link plug or external power supply is not right. Maybe check your link plug at the back and disconnect then reconnect it.

Thanks, I’ll give that a go.

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@jonotron is likely correct.
I had this happen once recently when switching power cords on my PS Audio power regenerator. I was tightening the plugs for each component on the back before powering everything down and hadn’t noticed that I must’ve partly dislodged the PC from the IEC inlet of my HiCap DR. It was just enough that when powering back up, the SN2’s mute button ‘locked’, as you say.
It drove me mad. I couldn’t figure out the problem no matter where I searched or what I did. I kept it off, like you, to no avail. Finally, I checked the connections on each, the HCDR, of course, lastly. Whadda ya know? It, along with the SN2 and Stageline all powered on and functioned properly.
Let us know if that was the case.

I’ve sent this off for repair/service. Just out interest to keep anyone that might have the same issue, I’ll post the results of the repair/service here.


Hi there,

Just an update. Just in case anyone else has the same issue for the record. The problem was a hardware issue. Just required one tiny little capacitor and done.

$180AUD including labour for the fix. Which was a relief that is wasn’t something more sinister.

Cheers for now.


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