Supernait 1 Remote

Hello all,

I just replaced the batteries in my remote that came with my 1st gen Supernait after many years. Now my remote doesn’t work. I can’t find how to program and I can’t tell exact model # of remote but looks like Looks like Narcom 4.

Thank you in advance.


This is a Narcom 4. You can’t programme it as such. Are you sure the new batteries are really new? Have you pressed pre before using it to control the Supernait?

Yes to both.

I can suggest nothing more.

My Narcom 4 gave up the ghost a while ago and haven’t managed to fix it. I only use it to control my CD5XS which gets played once in a blue moon so have not chased up a replacement. Narcom 4s are thin on the ground but 5s are easier to find and I will control most products that the 4 does. I think this includes SN1, but you should check this out first.


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