Supernait 1, reset inputs?

I’ve had my SN1 for a couple of years and never used other inputs than CD and Tuner. I was in need of more inputs today and ran RCAs from my ND5XS to AV but that port seemed to have been routed to something else by the former owner because I got full volume. Phew, I thought everything would get smoked… How is it even possible to re-route that port to be something else that put like full volume out!?

I never understood the mess with ports on SN1… I have now made a reset of the ports so AV should be analogue in again but I don’t dare to try. Can I confirm this AV port works as an analogue port without connect the RCA and danger a loud bang on my speakers again?

Yes if you have reset the button assignments, AV is normal amp volume controlled analogue.
If you are uncertain how AV Unity Gain is entered & disabled:
AV Unity gain mode is selected by entering program mode and pressing the source mute button twice.
To disable; unity gain input is selected and program mode is entered, unity gain is disabled and the volume level is controlled by the amp volume pot

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