Supernait 1 - servicing?

I’m the original owner of a supernait 1, brand new purchased 2012. It gets daily use, and never serviced. Can anyone tell me if I should be getting it serviced soon, and if the service improved sound quality or was rather a matter of routine maintenance to help (potentially) extend the life of the unit.

I love the unit, but continually contemplate going to a supernait 2 or 3 now that I already bypass the internal DAC of the supernait 1 in favor of a standalone external DAC.

I had my 2008 Supernait serviced last year, I posted the following on the outcome …

My Supernait is back in its home.
SQ has improved, more top end than before & a more distinct sound stage, but after a month away & listening to the Nait-2, memory & expectations stuff, its hard to say for sure other than the obvious.
So nice to have the flexibility of system auto, flipping between sources & web-radio stations with the remote.
The NAS will be working overtime tonight.

You asked about what was done, it was returned with a job sheet, but it doesn’t include much detail …
Reported faults – Logo dull, slow Start Up
Faults confirmed – Logo bleed & failing BO cap
Replaced reservoir caps, BO cap, fitted jitter mod & updated to 01-04/01.03
Test OK - GS

Cost was £399 + £20 P&P

PS - there are 11 power supply caps, looks like x4 big ones for the main 2 channel double pair transformer/rectifier, not sure about the other x7.

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Tough call but I’d be inclined to find a 2nd hand SN3. FWIW I recently had a HiCapDr serviced and after about a month I’m in shock at how good it sounds. I’d think your SN1 would sound great after servicing but I think id apply that money towards a SN3


Hard to imagine improvement as im pleased with how it sounds after over a decade of use…but I trust your word. Thanks.

I think im leaning this way too. Plus since I dont use the internal dac, and plan to never buy another unit with an internal dac, it seems the move to SN3 might be the way to go. Plus if I get another decade or so out of it, then id say it owes me nothing. Thanks for your reply.

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I’ve had SN1, 2 and 3. I liked SN2 the most so my recommendation would be that and spend as much money you can on the source to it. I’m pretty sure a used ND5XS would perform better than the Node. I really liked that combo when I had it.

I’d look at SN2 as IMO its better than SN3
Even better, try Rega Aethos which replaced 3-boxes Naim in my setup.

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