Supernait 1 with Kef KC62 (one or two? and how?)

First time posting after being a decade long first owner of a supernait 1 married to Audio Physic Tempo VI speakers.

This setup is in my primary living room and as such plays from two sources split 50% between these two use cases.

1 - Bluesound Node2i streaming tidal hifi over coax into Supernait (which has integrated dac)
2 - Mac Mini or Apple Tv 4k into Tv, Tv Optical out into Supernait (again…using dac)

Room is 4 meters x 3 meters. 3 meter Ceiling. Suspended floor, in a house.

Im looking to up the performance and Ive settled on a subwoofer. or Two. Questions:

  1. Seems to me the Kef KC62 would be a good choice given small room, limited space, good form factor, nice low extension for use case 2 while still maintaining dynamics for use case 1. Any other thoughts?

  2. Is the preferred method of connection using speaker cable from the speaker itself vs line outs from the preamp section of the supernait 1? If using one kc62, and speaker connections, do you have to combine runs to both speakers to ensure that it gets the full signal (Left +/1 and Right +/-) and not just one channel. Similarly if I go with two kc’s would you connect left speaker +/- into the left speaker wire inputs on the sub (leaving the right vacant) and then the right speaker +/- into the right speaker wire inputs on the sub (leaving the left vacant). Assume with two subs you are ruling out using line level outs as there is only one set of these on the back of the supernait.

I currently use naca5 cable (of course), and it looks like my audio physics would be able to continue to accept the banana end of my naca5, but the posts can also be backed off to then take a spade connection on the post, and to then use this with a bare wire end for the hi level inputs into the sub/subs.

Sorry…lots of questions. Hoping for good guidance before going to the dealer to probably be told conflicting information :wink:

If you search for KC-62, using the dash in the middle, I think you’ll find some responses from someone using 2 of these.

There’s also a broader current thread on adding a subwoofer that has some helpful information.

The KC62 has a recommended room area up to 50m2 and with two 180 degree opposing drivers should be a lot easier to position than just using a single driver sub. Generally the reason for using two subs is to avoid that [horrific] sub positioning experience as they can provide more even distribution and fewer nodes when placed near the main loudspeakers.

The recommended way for most Naim amps is to take a high level speaker output branched from the speaker end of you cable to a sub. The KC62 supports this but it has non standard high level inputs.

My advice is to buy it from a dealer rather than online and ask them to provide a cable to go from your speakers to the KC62 for you of the right quality and length. Try with just one (by all accounts the KC62 lacks no bombast at all) and add a second if you feel it is required.

FWIW, I recently ordered one from my dealer for an AV room. I asked for two. He flat refused and guided me to try one before I spend more cash. He is sure that two KC62 in a moderately large room is total overkill.

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I won’t comment on speakers (don’t know the Audio Physics models). But for pushing up the SQ, I’d strongly recommend adding a HiCap to your SN1. When I had an SN1 it was always used with a HC, subsequently upgraded to DR with major SQ benefits. I’d also see if you can lay your hands on a nDAC. This massively outperforms the DAC built into SN1.

Apologies for failing to answer your questions, but I do speak from experience.


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Thats an upgrade I’d like to describe as Paul Gascoigne turning into David Beckham.

Thank you, I’m on it.

This is very helpful. Thank you.

I’m a bit relieved to hear that one should be sufficient. My Audio Physics play down to 34hz, but you know how that goes. Some extra oomph will be useful for my tastes, and if i can satisfy this with one kc62 Im happy.

If you are up and running with your new KC62 and feel like coming back on here to provide some feedback, I’m all ears. Have fun.

Initially I feared adding more boxes, but this metaphor may have just sealed the deal.
I happen to be Canadian, but love footy, and any reference to gazza, teddy sheringham, or alan shearer brings a smile. Good luck on saturday…fear you’ll need it :wink:

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I appreciate this thoughtful response. To be honest these upgrades are on my list. Just need a little push from an informed member. Thank you.

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For a new house build so I won’t see it in action for 7 months I expect.

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