Supernait 1

At the moment I own a 5i integrated love it to bits in every way size, looks and sound. Now she is due a service Darren says around £200 for the service plus postage.
Now I’ve seen a supernait 1 for sale if I went that way and took the plunge what could I expected from it sound wise to the 5i.
Rega p6
5i CD
A&R 94 highly modified

The SN1 will be way overdue a service if not done since new…

Yep very most probably that doesn’t bother me but will it be worth it sound wise and what sort off improvements in sound over the 5i will it give me

The difference might not be that big, don’t know what speakers you have but if they are difficult the difference might be bigger.

What is a big difference, is that you can add a hicap to the SN1. That will bring significant refinement and control.


In all respects … better.

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I’m not so sure this is a simple case of good/better/best. The SN1 and NAIT 5i are certainly quite different in performance and characteristics, whether the SN1 is going to be a better fit in the rest of the system won’t be so clear cut especially as already pointed out, it may well benefit from a service to really perform as intended.
I went from a NAIT XS (original one) to a SN1 and that was replaced by a NAIT XS2 which I personally preferred to the SN1.
I found adding a HiCap DR to the SN1 helped but the XS2 just had more energy and enthusiasm, the SN1 to my ears in my system had more weight but always felt a little clinical and 2 dimensional to my ears.
If I was in your position I’d be inclined to not service the 5i, trade it in or sell it on, and look out for a SN2 that’s less than 5 years old.
You may also want to keep an eye out for a NAIT XS3 (ex demo ones are out there) given you have a decent Rega deck, that has a nice integrated MM phono stage, assuming your cart is a MM type.
I’d expect you’d find that the SN2 has more of the musicality of the 5i yet with more drive and grip, aside from a modest DAC, the SN1 will probably need a service now or soon and maybe more of a sideways move than an upwards move in terms of your expectations.
If you aren’t fussed about an integrated MM phono stage, a NAIT XS2 can be had for reasonable money, that can also benefit from a HiCap which down the road can hang around and drive a SN2/3.


I own the SN1 (c.2009), and it still plays great. I also appreciate all the digital inputs and inboard D/A, which the newer SNs do not have. From what I know, the biggest changes (generally speaking) to the SN2 was the DR and headphone amp; the SN3, the phono stage. In general, I think the SNs blow away the 5s, and in my opinion the XS, but when talking about Naim amps, that’s not really saying anything–they’re all pretty great.

But I say if you love your 5si, service it and keep it. Why change when can get the amp you love like new? Spend the extra cash on music.

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That’s what is always in my thoughts, service and more money for music
I’m a tight wad yorkshire man so parting with money is quite hard and takes a lot off thinking about

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Had my 200 serviced by Darran: well worth the £ & huge difference for the better :slight_smile:

If it’s a choice between service and keep or let go and replace with a SN1. I’d keep the 5i.
I’ve owned quite a few NAIT’s over the years including the original NAIT 5, an XS, XS2 and SN1/2/3.
I was very fond of my 5 and loved what it did, I enjoyed all of them but they are all somewhat different and not just in a bigger is better way.
Clearly if your budget is top of your priorities list, a service of what you have will get you more of what you like already and without any risk or undue spending!

I just had to sell my SN1 as it was developing faults and more than a standard service was required and was really not feasible to fix from Singapore. Amazing amp though, really liked it.

A SN1 was my first Naim box and was errr, ah… super with my hot-rodded Mission 770 Freedom mkVs at the time.

My Cambridge Audio 840C & NAD 3140 were great fun, but were totally out-classed and kicked to the curb by the SN1 (mind you, the 3140 didn’t have to hang it’s head after many decades of commendable service, and found a new home, along with my Arcam Alpha (1) tuner, with a local vintage audio buff).

I no longer own the SN1, but have fond memories.

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SN2 would be a better step up. Too many incremental upgrades gets expensive. The SN2 is discontinued, so it can be had for a good price.
Best of luck


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I have had a 5 5i, xs, and a SN1 up until recently I was using the SN1 power amp section with a 282/hicapdr it did quite well, I now use a Nap200dr. I think the SN1 is one of those products that does a whole lot right, and would be a fine place to go. It also depends on price, it should be less than a SN2
I have not heard a SN2 or3 so cant comment.

You do get a lot for the money with the SN1, and a good DAC, which I did use.

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I went from Nait XS to SN1 and it was a big improvement to my ears. The sound was more authoritative – realistic I would call it. And in contrast to Mr. M I found it less clinical and more 3 dimensional. But and it’s a big but, I think it really needs a HiCap to shine. With HC in place, I found it fully competitive as an amp with a 202/200. So I’d be looking at adding a pre-used HC (preferably DR) as soon as funds allow.

Also, if your CD player is your main source, a SN really merits more than a CD5i. Source first, and all that.


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Thank you all for answering after spending the day driving around Scotland and plenty off thought on the matter, she is going to get sent for service back home in Sheffield she’s one off the family bless her
When your down she pics you up, when your knackered after a hard day delivering and driving she’s there to sooth you so I’ve got too look after her

Bravoure is the word I’d use for the SN1.

i’ve never heard of a service for the supernait available from Naim?
but i’m curious where you’ve seen it!

Naim will service anything they’ve made. Question is if a Supernait actually needs it, personally I doubt it.
However I will be looking into mine having being looked at simply because the Nain logo has ‘bled’ & the light has become dim. When that’s done & if any of the critical parts have gone out of spec, I will be interested to know, & of course I will report back to the forum.

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I asked about servicing my SN2 as it’s 2013 model and they said 10-12 yrs…