Supernait 1

Thanks HiFi-dog, that’s useful to know.
Mine is also a 2013 model.
It’s a great little amp.

I still own a SN1 but it’s been supplanted by a 252/250DR.

One day it will return from the loft but for now I have fond memories of this cracking integrated amplifier.

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The SN1 was my first proper Hi-Fi amp :slight_smile: - from Jan 09 my music became much more real … improved further with a HiCap2 (non-DR) two years later … and then with a NAP250DR a few years later …

… before being replaced by a NAC282 just 9 years after its first use.

I had it serviced (by Naim) a few months later and expect, at some stage, for it to be used by my offspring :slight_smile: … who appear happy with their UnitiQute. As and when, I think they’ll find the SN1 a big SQ upgrade.

A great amp, fondly remembered … if they don’t want it I may just use it for my TV, etc. should the Pioneer AV give-up!

I moved from a Nait 5 to the SN1 and it was a big uplift in sound quality. I put a lot of this down to the additional power capability to be able to drive my Dynaudio speakers to full capability. Adding a HCDR was also a very significant upgrade.

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