Supernait 2,3 or Nap 200 XS 152

HI guys. I have a question, I want to buy a Naim amp for my ND5XS2 streamer. I can choose from a Supernait 3 new or a Supernait 2 (for half the price of the 3) or I can go for a second hand Nap 200/ Xs152 combi.
Will the Nap 200 + XS152 be better than the Supernait 3? Is the difference in price between the Supernait 2 and 3 worth it in advantage of the Supernait 3? let me know your thoughts. Thanks for your time and effort :slight_smile:

well personally knowing what I know myself about Naim…

all three amplifiers are excellent, the SN3 has the latest design and hence for the money should sound really good.

However I would myself seek to spend more money on the source, maybe looking into an upgrade with a NDX2, and then use the left over funds for the amp.

I do like the NAP 200 very much, and with the XS152 should be a very fine amplifier. The SN2 at 50 % the price of Sn3, is also very attractive to me.

The XS152 could also be upgraded with a flatcap… And out of all three choices, I would be more keen on the separates… i.e the XS152/NAP200.

If going for separates, for similar money you’d be better getting a better preamp and a lesser power amp. Preamp always trumps power amp in the hierarchy. Or else just a NAP152xs and a NAP155 and put the rest towards an NDX2. However, a Supernait 2 for half the price of a 3 sounds rather tempting. Next step, an NDX2…

Thanks Richard for the advice :slight_smile:

Whoa, a Supernait 2 at half price? I’d tear their arm off.:joy:

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Get the SN2 and with the money saved trade up from the ND5 to an NDX2. Simples! :grinning:

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I just bought it a few weeks ago

How about a Nait XS3? A perfect match for your ND5XS2.

In which case, I think combined with NAC152XS and NAP200DR you could have a very fine three box set. (I know you didn’t ask about the DR version but they are out there, used).

My personal five penneth, Naim make separates for a reason :slight_smile:

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@Smooth What happened next?

The pre section in the SN2 is going to be superior to the 152.

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And still nothing from Smooth as to what happened next. Stories need a beginning, a middle and an end as far as I’m concerned!


In the end I have decided to buy the Supernait 3. It is more open as the SN2 and the bass has way more control.


Thanks. Enjoy your music


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