Supernait 2 and/or 250 DR

My first post. I have a chance to buy an almost brand new Supernait 2 or a 250 DR at a very good price for each. I have tube preamps and a Pass Labs preamp so was thinking the 250 would be the logical choice. But many say I’d need a Naim preamp for best synergies. Would it behoove me to buy both and use the Supernait as just a preamp for the 250? Or is the Supernait 2 close enough to the 250 DR in performance where I should purchase it alone and forget the 250? Thanks for your advice.

Hi, the 250 is a considerably more capable power amp than the Supernait. If you want an all Naim system, I would suggest holding on for a 282 preamp to go with it rather than a Supernait as preamp. You will need a Hicap to power it, though.
There is certainly no harm in trying a non-Naim preamp into a 250, given that you already have one. How good it sounds, you will have to judge for yourself. You will probably need to have a suitable cable made up to connect to the 250 XLR input socket.
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If you know you want to keep going with a separate pre-amp/power-am then the 250 DR is where you want to go. If you are looking for a lower box count then the SN 2 is a fine integrated amp.

If you use the search function you will find a number of threads that discuss both the SN 2 and the 250m DR.

If you are working with a dealer it may be best to go give both a listen and then maybe a home demo after that,

I choose the SN 2 since I want to keep a low box count and a simpler solution as I head into my retirement years.

Good luck with your decision and welcome to the forum.


The 250 DR or SN2 are almost falling in my lap at a great price. So it seems if I want to try Naim, the advice is to buy the 250 DR, as it is far superior to the power amp in the SN 2, try it out with my non-Naim preamps and if I’m not smitten with this combination, acquire a Naim preamp and power supply?

Thanks for your advice.

If the units are that much of a bargain then I would take them both. Naim equipment holds its price well and you could sell on the SN2 with minimal loss. Indeed, if the price is as good as you imply then you might end up a little richer!

Thank you for your suggestion. That makes complete sense and trying both amps together and separately will help me avoid a buyer’s remorse dilemma which all of us sometimes get. I’ll report back my findings after playing around with all of the permutations and combinations.

Well I came across a nice deal on a 272 so it looks like I’ll follow the advice of most and buy the 250 DR and 272. I feel much better about this decision. Thanks for the advice.

Congratulations on your decision, now you can start looking for a PowerSupply for the 272 for your first upgrade!

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