Supernait 2 - dead pre-amp channel?

Really weird thing today with my Supernait 2. One channel has gone completely out. Worked fine yesterday, and no event has happened that would suggest any damage. Here’s the analysis I’ve done so far. Wondering if there’s anything I missed?

  1. Speakers - have tried with a different pre/power amp and the speakers and their cables seem fine, have ruled them out.

  2. Source - tried with different sources in different SN2 inputs with different cables… same issue, so have ruled out the sources.

I am fortunate enough to also own a 72/HC/140 system, so was able to use these components to test sections of the SN2.

  1. SN2 as Pre: Using the “bi-amp output” of the SN2, I plugged in my NAP140 and used it to power the loudspeakers. Same problem with missing channel.

  2. SN2 as Power: I connected my 72/HC to the “power amp in” socket and shut down the pre-amp section of the SN2. Here, I get both channels working fine! So that rules out the power amp section and speaker terminals on the SN2.

So… somehow the pre-amp section just stopped working properly? Any ideas from the experts?


I’m certainly no expert, but it looks like you’ve gone through all the right trouble shooting steps to isolate the issue to the pre-amp section. I’d suggest a further thing you could try is to restore the SN2 to the factory default settings.

To restore all Supernait 2 programmable settings to the factory defaults press and hold the remote handset disp key while the unit is in program mode. The Supernait 2 will exit from program mode following this operation.

If that doesn’t help then it sounds like a trip back to Naim is needed to fix it.

Edit - just one more thing you could try, to eliminate an issue with the link plug (unlikely but still worth a go as you have all the kit) is to repeat step 3 but try the SN2 as a pre-amp with your HC and 140 instead - as per the diagram below

Both good ideas… tried the settings restore and also the pre-mode including the Hicap. Sadly, the issue persists through these tests. Only way seems to be with the SN2 in power amp mode, with the external 72 as pre.

Am starting to become sad now.

That’s a shame - Sounds like a repair trip is needed unfortunately.

I can’t begin to imagine how much it will cost, though am sure by the end will wish I had just picked up a new/warrantied SN3 instead.

I have to ask - you have tried the balance knob?

Did you buy it from a dealer or private sale?

Some dealers provide short term warranties on used products they sell.

If only it was that simple! The balance dial is working as expected, except that one side of the balance is dead.

At least you have the 72/140 system to keep you amused whilst the problem with the SN2 gets sorted :slightly_smiling_face:

In fact I’m quite enjoying listening to the 72/HC/140 in the main system now, which has a better source and much bigger loudspeakers than I’m used to hearing them with. Still not looking forward to the process of dealing with a faulty SN2 though.

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Just give your dealer a call. They should be able to take care of everything with Naim for you.

The SN2 was purchased 8 months ago pre-owned, online, from a dealer. I’ve sent them a note with the details in hopes they’re willing to engage with me, though realistically, I can’t expect much.

If they’re a Naim dealer they should still be able to take care of everything for you.

What sort of warranty did they offer you with the Supernait?

Nothing explicit, I’m afraid, although they typically offer 3 months on pre-owned. I’ll have to give them a call and hopefully they can still help.

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